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Haunted Highways Road Trip Checklist

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Prepare to be scared this Halloween and go on a haunted highways road trips across the United States. Grab your list and dare to explore the mysterious legends and hair-raising encounters that await us on these ghost-infested destinations. For more scary posts see my Halloween page.

Haunted Highways Road Trip Checklist

If you’re a fan of the paranormal and love eerie adventures, then this haunted highways road trip printable should definitely be on your list of ideas to do. These stretches of road across the US lead to some of the most haunted destinations across America. Grab a checklist below, buckle up, and prepare for an unforgettable journey through the supernatural.

One haunted highway that deserves a top spot on your list is Route 66. Known as the Mother Road, this iconic stretch of road has seen its fair share of tragedy over the decades. From ghostly hitchhikers to phantom truckers, there’s always something lurking in the shadows along this legendary route.

Plus, the destinations across this infamous strip of road are some of the most desirable and scariest places ghost hunters and thrill seekers have on their bucket list to see! But that’s not the only highway listed. This list has road trips for the entire United States!

The Haunted Highways listed are:

  1. Route 66 tour from Illinois to California
  2. Pacific Coast Highway tour in California
  3. Haunted New England trail for Boston and Massachusetts
  4. Great Lakes ghost tour of Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania
  5. Southern gothic tour of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama
  6. Wild West tour of Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota

Are you excited to embark on an adventure filled with spine-tingling thrills and heart-pounding encounters? Make sure to grab your printable list of haunted highway road trips. Who knows what awaits you just around the bend? Happy travels!

Haunted Highways Across the US List

Click the link below to download the PDF to print. Print the lists out using white paper or cardstock. Use the printer setting US Letter.

My printables are for Personal Use Only. Please see my Printable Disclosure for more information.



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Haunted Highways Road Trip Checklist across the US

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