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Our Haunted Vacations Ghost Tours

Join for the Ghost tours from our past vacations! Our favorite east coast haunts like Charleston SC and St Augustine. Creepy cemeteries, theaters, ships jails and more! For more spooky posts see my Halloween page.

Our Haunted Vacations Ghost Tours

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One of my favorite things to do on vacation is to do a Ghost Tour of the town we are visiting! Some of them are cheesy, some have not so great storytellers, but then some are really quite informative about the history of the area.

We love to visit historical places and where there’s history, there’s always something dark and shady from the past that doesn’t wants to be forgotten. Most of the historical towns we go to always have a cemetery right smack in the middle of them and that’s usually where you will find us!

We love to visit historical places and where there’s history there’s always something dark and shady from the past that in no way wants to be forgotten. Most of the historical towns we go to always have a cemetery right smack in the middle of them and that’s usually where you will find us!

Sit back while I share some of the spooky adventures of the cemeteries and haunted places we have seen on the east coast (and one west coast) throughout the years.

Our Haunted Vacations Ghost Tours

Ghost Tours St Augustine, Florida

I spent the first half of my life on the east coast living in and around St. Augustine. I have been there countless times and even lived there twice. The eerie spookiness of the oldest city in the United States flows from every nook, cranny and side street. The entire town is said to be haunted.

Here are a few of the reasons why….

The Huguenot Cemetery

This gothic cemetery is just across from the old city gates on Cordova Street. This cemetery is so spooky even in the daytime. The aged tombstones and iron gates make make it seem straight out of a horror movie.

The Huguenot Cemetery was the only protestant cemetery in the city and was closed in 1884. It has approximately 436 people buried within it.

The St Augustine Lighthouse and Maritime Museum

The St Augustine lighthouse has stood in its spot since 1565. It has been rebuilt a few times and was in use up until 1980. A few children passed away during construction and it is said to haunted by them and a light keeper who fell to his demise when his scaffolding fell while painting the tower.

We took these pics when we joined the Dark of the Moon Ghost Tour they host on the grounds every Halloween. We took this tour the same year Ghost Hunters tv show aired their investigation. So we knew the hot spots to find the ghosts.

This pics if looking midway down from the top of the lighthouse staircase. The Ghost Hunters episode at the lighthouse is one of my all time favorites. They caught a ladies dress on camera on the staircase. It is so creepy watching that episode, especially since I had been there so many times. Check out the orb in this pic!

Tolomato Cemetery

This is the one cemetery I always seem to stop at first and last when I visit. There are lots of weird stories about this cemetery, from apparitions of a boy in the tree at the entrance to a woman roaming around inside. This one is super eerie at night.

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Ghost Tours Savannah GA

Savannah is such a fun place to go on vacation. It’s neat to meander around the streets looking at all of the cool houses and history. The food is fantastic too!

The Wall of Tombstones at the Colonial Park Cemetery

This cemetery was in use from the 1700s to the 1800’s and has mass graves from the Yellow Fever Pandemic. There are lots of stories about tis cemetery. Part of it is paved over so be careful driving over it!

The tombstones on the wall are misplaced headstones from vandals and Civil War troops that set up camp in the cemetery. They also changed some of the dates on the tombstones! This wall goes on and on. Sad really that so many tombstones were misplaced. This makes for a lot of lost souls drifting around.

This is the Colonial Park Cemetery at night. Super eerie Savannah style!

The Pirates House Restaurant

This restaurant is sitting on the oldest building in Savannah and is over 250 years old. There is a smaller building next to it called the Herb house and it dates back to 1754 and is “considered’ the oldest house in Georgia.

There are all kinds of tales about this place. Mostly about it being a shady place for low life’s and criminals and being shanghaied and thrown into the tunnels below it after stopping in for a drink.

This is one creepy place, with patrons reporting to seeing old seamen lingering about the dining room and moans coming from the tunnels before they were sealed. The food is really great too!

Sorrel Weed House

This is beautiful old home built for wealthy plantation owner Francis Sorrel in 1837. After his wife Lucinda passes away, he then marries her sister Maddie. Matilda then ends her own life when she finds out Francis is having an affair with one if his slaves, Molly. Molly later ends her own life. The home is supposedly haunted today my Matilda and Molly.

This popular home can be seen in the Forrest Gump Movie opening credits, HGTV “Of these walls could talk”, the Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures tv show. We did the tour as you can see above. That’s me with my hand on the fireplace.

The home was amazing, but our guide was pretty bad. He asked the ghosts to answer him with a flashlight that went on and off ~via remote control in his pocket. It was laughable. Definitely not worth the money for the tour.

The ghost hunters shows found some evidence that this house is haunted. There were so many people trampling through, to me, it wasn’t at all scary. The jury is still out for us on this one.

Ghost Tours Charleston, SC.

Charleston is my all time favorite city to visit! Before I moved to the east coast, it was close contender for where we wanted to live. There is so much great history and it is a fun vacation with kids.

I do not know the name of this cemetery. There are so many haunted areas and cemeteries in the historical part of town that were moved and rebuilt upon, very much like the movie Poltergeist, it was too hard to keep track of which one is which.

That happens to be the charm of Charleston, though. I love this town! I plan to die and become a ghost there one day! Lol!

The Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon

This major trading post/pre-revolutionary war dungeon has a very dark past. It housed prisoners of war, pirates, and some of the city’s very sinister criminals. 

This place was featured on America’s Most Haunted Places and Ghost Adventures. To us, the scariest part of this place was the creepy mannequins, lol.

USS Yorktown

This huge air craft carrier was commissioned in 1943. It’s nickname the “Fighting Lady” was once manned by over 3,000 people and designed to fight off enemies during WWII. Now it is a vast stationary museum and a must see in Charleston.

This place takes hours to go through all the tight corridors, very neat place to visit. When you first walk up it is huge and menacing and then you wind through all of the narrow rooms and floors. Very spooky.

The Old Charleston Jail

This Old City Jail operated from 1802 until 1939. Pirates, Civil War, Confederate War, Federal and Charleston’s most notorious prisoners were incarcerated here while waiting to be hanged.

One of the best ghost tours Charleston! My favorite haunted tour to date, I was actually creeped out on this one! This is one spooky place. Featured on Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, and more.

Charlotte, NC

This cemetery contains the remains Charlotte’s early settlers. Gravesites date from 1776 through 1884. Very cool cemetery in the heart of the Queen city.

Asheville, NC

Along with a few ghosts, Asheville has lots of interesting restaurants and beer breweries.

The Grove Park Inn

This amazing hotel was opened in 1913 by a wealthy snake oil salesman Edwin Wiley Grove. Many of the rich and famous have stayed in hotel.

The most famous is a spirit of a young woman who fell to her death from a balcony on the fifth floor of the Inn in the 1920s. The “Pink Lady” as she is called is usually seen in the form of a pink mist, or sometimes as an apparition of a young woman in a pink ball gown.

White Gate Inn

This gorgeous Bed & Breakfast in the center of town said to be haunted by a former resident Miss B. She is said to haunt the Robert Frost room and there is supposedly another ghost in the basement.

Central United Methodist Church

This church is located on the infamous Church Street. Rumor has it they paved over the graveyards to make this street. Lots of haunted areas around this block.

Colonial Williamsburg, VA

This exciting town is known as a living museum. There are lots of people walking around in period clothing, to show you the way of life back in the day. It’s hard to tell who is a ghost and who isn’t, lol.

Governor’s Palace Mansion

This gorgeous home has an amazing tour that allows you to walk through every room and floor to see how people lived back in the day.

This building burned to the ground and was reconstructed. There is a maze on the grounds that is said to be haunted by Civil & Revolutionary War soldiers. The jury is still out on this one too.

Colonial Williamsburg Public Gaol -Jail

Built in 1704 the Public Gaol is the place where accused prisoners would await trial. Debtors, slaves and mentally ill were imprisoned along with pirates and other crimials.

People see shadows moving about the cells on the first floor, and the balls and chains have been known to move and swing by themselves. There are reported sounds of prisoners banging on the wall from inside.

Ghost Tours Washington DC

I personally think most of Washington is haunted, the history there is endless. We had so much fun in DC. There’s so much to see, we plan to go back again soon!

Ford’s Theater

John Wilkes Booth and Lincoln himself have been known to haunt this famous theater. We were out of luck that day and didn’t see either one of them, lol.

People have seen specters in top hats, cold spots, footsteps and partial apparitions around the theater.

Arlington National Cemetery

Bring your walking shoes, this one is huge!!! So many famous graves, from the Kennedys, Civil War Unknowns, Battle of the Bulge, WWI, to Pan Am Flight 103. The saddest ones for us were the Space Shuttle Columbia and Challenger graves. A must see when visiting DC.

Long Beach, CA

We took a whale spotting tour out of Long Beach. When you go out on the tour you pass the pass by the mighty Queen Mary ship on the way out to Catalina Island. This is as close as I got. We ran out of time to do the haunted tour! I plan to go spend the night on it sometime soon.

I hope you enjoyed my Haunted Vacations virtual Ghost Tour! I am sure I will have a follow-up of more scary places to add to the list in the future! Until then!

Happy Halloween!

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Our Haunted Vacations Ghost Tours


  1. Ships creep me out, so the Queen Mary tour is one I would be absolutely terrified to take. I have seen it on the television though.

    We went to New Orleans on vacation and took one of their walking tours. Hubs agreed to tag along, I told him to think of it as a walking theatre performance. We both absolutely loved it, we learned all kinds of history about New Orleans that we never would have known.

    Pinning this post as I am determined to travel to South Carolina in the next year.

  2. Great Post Kim!!! We love the haunted historical tours too!!!

  3. Great photos! Makes me want to visit every place you’ve ever been. But alas, I will have to settle for the virtual tours. Thank you for sharing!

  4. So many beautiful buildings and locations. What a great way to approach a new place.

    Thanks for the ideas!

  5. This looks like so much fun! What a neat post!

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

  6. Looks like some great places! We wanted to do the Cemetery tours in Savannah and Charleston last year but ran out of time. Had fun reading about your travels and seeing the pictures. I love places with a good ghost story.

    1. I just realized I left out Asheville, NC!!! So I will be updating the post! Thanks for reading and the sweet comments! More to come!

  7. I love historical places and the great stories that go with them. Cemeteries can be so fascinating, the buildings, the tombstone inscriptions, everything. I visited Isla Mujeres just off the coast of Cancun, Mexico, and saw the first use of the Skull and Cross Bones. It was used on the tombstone of a pirates love… awesome.

    Stopping by from the Pretty Pintastic Party.
    Life With Lorelai

  8. I LOVE haunted vacations, and I loved your post! Thank you for sharing it with us at Treasure Box Tuesday- pinned! :)

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