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How to Decorate an Atrium Island Style!

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See how I turned my bathroom atrium into a fun surf shack abode! How to Decorate an Atrium using, river rocks, hanging plants, a kooky totem pole, and a pineapple garden statue. For more beach house posts see my Bungalow Living page.

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How to Decorate an Atrium Island Style!

I am super excited to show you all my made-over bathroom atrium! Joining me in this post are my friends at Wayfair.com. They supplied the fun outdoor items I used to create a zen Island-style bathroom.

If you missed the before pics where I show my bathroom and the before weed filled atrium space behind our tub, and all of the atrium garden ideas I came up with. Go back and check out that post first. That’s where you will see what I am working with here.

How to Decorate an Atrium

Atriums are a fantastic source of natural light. There are lots of ways to decorate an atrium. You definitely want it to be low maintenance as well. No weeding if possible! Since mine is a small space I am not going to go too crazy. Less is more in these areas.

The Plan:


  1. Remove all of the plants and weeds from the existing atrium. Use a rake to smooth the ground.
  2. Place weed barrier paper down over the area.
  3. Hang the sun garden wall art and place the metal wall divider (now plant holder) inside the space.
  4. Fill the bottom with river rocks.
  5. Place the garden statues and add hanging plants.
atrium before, during and after

I removed all of the weeds and used a rake to smooth the ground so it is level. I placed weed barrier paper down and used clips to anchor it so it would not move while adding the rocks.

hanging plants in atrium

Next, I added a cool room divider as a wall planter. I chose this divider because the walls are tiled and it was the easiest way to add wall planter without drilling holes in the stucco on the house or tiled areas.

The Kutcher metal wall shelving unit/room divider (now plant holder) has a really cool concept. You can add shelves, hooks, and baskets to separate and organize a room.

I chose it because it was white like my tile so you wouldn’t notice it when looking outside. It has extenders on the end so it can be wedged in a tall space securely. (See above pic). It was the perfect find for this space.

string of pearl hanging plants in atrium

I am not sure how outdoor-friendly it will be over time. If it starts to rust I will just remove it and replace it with a wood trellis. For now, I really like it.

I used faux string of pearl plant floral picks for the green plants in the planters. I love these and have them inside my home as well. I plan on replacing them with real hanging succulents since these will more than likely fade over time. But for now, I think they look great and they are WEED FREE!

Brittnie Aurora Sun Wall Art

I am in love with this fun sun wall art. I am on the fence though as to whether or not I like it in the atrium. It may find a new home on my front patio. However, it does add a fun pop of color to the black and white bathroom.

Pineapple garden statue

This pineapple garden statue is soo fun! When I found this pineapple and the tiki gods statue on Wayfair.com, that was the moment I knew I wanted my atrium to have an island-style feel to it. Hawaii is one of our favorite places to visit. We think these statues bring little bit of the islands inside. It’s fun little reminder to us that we need to go back.

bathroom atrium after
bathroom tub atrium

bathroom atrium plants at night

Here is how the atrium looks at night! It’s so fun all lit up!

bathroom atrium at night hallway view

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I hope you enjoyed our how to decorate an atrium island style bathroom makeover! I will share any updates when I add new things to it. I am pretty sure this area of the bathroom will take on more themes as time goes by. Plus I want to add in some real succulents to those hanging planters!

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 Decorate an Atrium Island Style with garden statues

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