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Modern Surf Shack Entryway with Plants

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Looking for ideas to make your foyer more inviting? Our Modern Surf Shack Entryway with Plants will give you chic vibes from the moment you walk in. For more inspiring posts featuring my home see my Bungalow page.

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I have been really working hard on my home decor this year. For the last year, I felt like my new home style was random and unfinished. I started the makeover by painting my living room and entryway ultra white. It had years of holes and plaster that needed to be filled, smoothed, and covered with a fresh coat of paint. Just doing that to this 1950’s home made a huge difference in appearance. It looks like a new build now.

After painting my next step was to add some detailed decor pieces to finish the look. I wanted my home to have a beachy modern surf shack feel but not with the typical shell and pastel beach decor you find in every store. I found that bringing in one of a kind or not your everyday decor pieces makes your home style unique and more personal. In my opinion, I feel too many cookie-cutter decor pieces bring a generic feel to a home.

In this post, I am joining forces with my friends a Wayfair to show you some of the key pieces I used to make my entryway pop! Here is a look around my entryway and a sneak peek at my living room!

Modern Surf Shack Entryway with Plants

gold round wall shelf, round plant holder,

I wanted to bring the outside in with my decor. My yard is so lush and full of tropical plants, it is only fitting the inside has some too. This Metal Round Wall Shelf is like a piece of art with fun shelf nooks for different shaped and sized items. The gorgeous distressed gold finish adds a touch of glam to this space.

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It was love at first sight with this modern Follett Tripod Plant Stand by Orren Ellis. This metal finish mid-century plant stand adds a perfect pop of modern to any decor. It is weatherproof so you can use it in both indoor and outdoor settings.

modern coastal style entryway, beach house decor, chic beach house decor

Looking more closely at the above pic you will see a beautiful driftwood decoration piece on my console chest.

This one of a kind real California driftwood branch is a must-have at any boho chic surf shack. At a rather large 24 x 18 inches, this multicolored wood accent can add a rustic beachy feel to plants, decor or even use it as wall art. Psst…Wayfair has these branches at a fraction of the price of other stores.

modern beach house, modern surf shack decor, tufted couch, bungalow beach house

I just love the light airy look my entryway has with these new fun pieces. I have a post coming up next for the rest of my modern surf shack living room. I will be talking about those fabulous drapes, so stay tuned!

California bungalow entryway, coastal home entryway, chic surf shack

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Round Metal Shelf • Follett Tripos Plant StandNatural California Driftwood Branch

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  1. Love it! After I update my balcony I think my entryway will be my next project. This is fab? Hey, what kind of plant is that in the tall planter?

    1. Thanks so much Candice! That is a faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. It’s super realistic. So glad you like my entryway. I changed it up a bit. See my surf shack living room post to find all the things in the post.

  2. You have such a lovely home, Kim. I’m with you on adding special decor pieces. OUr home should reflect who we are and special pieces always make such a wonderful statement and tend to stick around for years too, so it’s a great investment

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words, Michelle. A great statement piece can transform a room. To me, those drapes did just that for this room.

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