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October Halloween Planner Stickers

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Looking to add some spooky stickers to your planner this year? Grab my October Halloween FREE Printable Planner Stickers and start decorating! For more spooky fun see my Halloween page. 

NEW! October Halloween FREE Printable Planner Stickers

These are my new and improved Halloween Planner Stickers!

To Grab the Planner Stickers, download using the link below and print on white Full Sheet Sticker Paper. Cut out the shapes, peel off backing and stick. Another alternative is to print out on white cardstock, cut out shapes and add two-sided tape or adhesive.

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Are you looking for these printables seen below?

October Happy Planner Stickers, Halloween Happy Planner Stickers

Due to some copyright issues with some of the graphics depicted in my previous Halloween Planner Printables, those planner stickers sadly are no longer FREE to download. I have to sell them! Booo! I know… but…

They are still available to purchase in my Esty Store Hippie Revival!


If you don’t know what a Happy Planner is I explain the features of these amazing planners in the July Happy Planner Post Below. 

The Planner Stickers below are absolutely FREE to download

 July Happy Planner Stickers & Introduction  •   August Planner Stickers

 February Valentine Planner Stickers

 Happy Halloween & ENJOY! 

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NEW October Halloween FREE Printable Planner Stickers


  1. Since I’m a new Happy Planner addict, I’m loving these!! Do you have others? :)

    1. Yes Megan!
      Check my printables link on the nav bar!

  2. Have you any printables for the large happy planner?
    As these are awesome!!

    1. Thanks Nat, I haven’t seen a larger Happy Planner, mine is the regular one seen in stores in the US. My printables are a little bigger than the calendar rectangles on the Happy Planner so print out a sheet and see if they fit. I hope this helps. Good Luck!

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