Frosted Pine Cone Peace Sign PB Hack

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Looking for a groovy way to decorate this year? Learn to make your own Pine Cone Peace Sign Wreath for your holiday decor this year! For more holiday ideas see my Christmas page. 

Pine cone peace sign, frosted pine cone wreath

I loved these pine cone peace sign wreaths from Pottery Barn this year, and it just so happened I had a large box of mini pine cones to spare so I decided to whip one up! This is a super easy project to make and mine came out pretty darn close to the pricey PB version. Here’s how I made it.

potter barn pinecone peace sign wreathe

 Pottery  Barn’s Version

Pine Cone Peace Sign




cut wreath in half with knife

Slice a round foam wreath in half.

make a peace sign

Using a sharp knife, cut off the backside of the wreath so it is flat on the backside and rounded on the front. Do not worry if you break the pieces off the back they will be discarded. Make the back as flat, even and smooth as possible with the knife.

cut foam with x-acto knife and ruler

Cut your bars for the inside of the peace sign out of scrap foam. I cut my foam with an X-Acto knife and a ruler.

add foam for peace sign

Hot glue them to the flat back of the wreath and trim.

Tip: I know hot glue is a huge no no for use on foam, but if you use a low heat setting and small amounts at a time, it will not destroy the styrofoam, plus it dries fast. Using a glue exclusively for styrofoam will take forever to dry. Just be quick.

paint Styrofoam with acrylic paint

Paint the wreath with brown acrylic paint. This will help hide the under part of the wreath between the pine cones.

cut pine cones in half

Take your pine cones and cut them in half with sharp heavy-duty scissors.

Start placing them close together and facing in the same direction around the wreath. Glue them down with hot glue.

NOTE: I found adding a line of glue onto the foam and then placing 4-5 pines cones at a time was the fastest method.

I used larger pine cones for the inner bars to raise them up and make them even to the overlapped the bars. Hot glue a small piece of twine to the back to hang the peace sign. Lightly paint with white spray paint. Dot Elmer’s glue over the edges of the pine cones with a paintbrush and then shake white glitter beads over the wreath until covered.

Then take silver and white glitter and shake all over the wreath. Let it dry. And that’s it! So easy to make and I still have mine in my living room even though the holidays are over!

how to make a pine cone peace sign wreath

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how to make a pine cone peace sign christmas wreath,




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  1. I like yours much more than the $$$ PB one!

  2. LOVE this idea! So adorable and will fit perfectly with our decor. Pinning for our girls night of wreath making and drinks! Thanks for sharing!

  3. That is beautiful!! I so wish that I could find cones that small. Our trees are so tall, by the time I can get to them, they are bigger. Maybe I’ll just make a larger sign!! ha/ha

    1. I found the mini Pine cones at Joann fabrics in the floral section. So no need to find them! Thanks fo stopping by and the sweet comment!

  4. It is so cute! I would never think of using pinecones for anything other than Christmas decorating, but this is fantastic! And yours looks exactly like the PB one!

    1. They had wreath and tree toppers of the Peace Signs at PB. I thought the tree toppers were an interesting choice. Thanks so much and for stopping by!

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