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Snakeskin Fabric Feather Pumpkins

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Bring some drama to your decor with these Snakeskin Fabric Feather Pumpkins. Black/white + colorful plush pumpkin decor for Halloween or trendy chic fall decor. For more spooky decor see my Halloween page.

Snakeskin Fabric Feather Pumpkins

I am back with some more fabric pumpkins! I made some Shibori fabric pumpkins for fall a few weeks ago. You should go check them out if you did not see them.

After making them, I realized I had a couple of great snakeskin printed fabrics that would make perfect spooky Halloween fabric pumpkins.

This such a simple fabric pumpkin project that you can literally make out of any pattern and they come out fantastic!

You could add ribbons to the stems or twine in the stems. I decided to add some rooster tail feathers that have an eerie green look in certain lighting layered around the tops of the pumpkins. Here’s how I made them.

How to Make Fabric Feather Pumpkins


Snakeskin fabric

Plush Pumpkin Decor Fabric Sizes

  • Medium Pumpkin 11 x 26 inches
  • Small Pumpkin 10 x 25 inches


glue fabric pumpkins

Fold the fabric in half with the “wrong side” or back of the pattern on the inside. Hot glue (or sew) the short end sides together.

stitch fabric pumpkins

Hand stitch one end in large stitches.

make fabric pumpkin

Turn the fabric “right side” out or the pattern side out and hand stitch the other end with a large stitch just like the first end. Stuff the pumpkin with fiberfill.

I like to stuff as much as I can to make it look full. Smooth out any lumps.

how to make a plush pumpkin

Pull the thread to close the top. Hold it tight and stitch across the top to pull all of the sides to the middle.

Add a generous dot of glue to the top and push the stem into the gathered seam. Hold the stem until the glue dries and that’s it!

How to Make Feather Pumpkins

make a feather pumpkin

Trim the tops off of the feathers down to 5-6 inches.

add feathers to pumpkin

Glue 6 feathers going around the top of the pumpkin. Take the bottom half of the cut feathers and trim the top to make it round with scissors. GLue them in between the 6 feathers.

rooster feathers on pumpkin

Glue 6 more feathers turned sideways over the short feathers to add height. Add 4 longer feathers randomly around the pumpkin.

Add glue to the bottom of the stem and push it int the middle of the feathers and hold it until the glue dries. Display your spooky pumpkins!

Black white snakeskin feather pumpkin
rainbow snakeskin pumpkins

I hope you love these snakeskin fabric pumpkins! You can make a snake feather pumpkin or leave them plain and add a ribbon to the stem!

green snakeskin pumpkins
chevron sweater pumpkin

While I was at it, I made this funky crochet pumpkin from an old tank top! Want more pumpkn craft ideas? See my friend Erlene from My Pinterventures Gorgeous Black Decoupaged Red Rose Pumpkin.

Happy Fall!

Don’t feel like making this but love the look? Shop these ideas!

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rainbow snakeskin fabric pumpkin
rainbow sweater pumpkin
snakeskin feather fabric pumpkin


  1. Love, love, love that black and white one Kim. It’s so decadently gorgeous with those feathers

  2. These are so cute and I love that they are unique. I also love the one that you made from a tank top. Too cute!

  3. Kim, I love these very creative pumpkin ideas! The snake skin ones are so beautiful!

  4. I love these pumpkins. I just pinned them and can’t wait to try them myself. Thanks for the easy how to on your post.

  5. This is very cool and stylish

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