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Spine Tingling Spider Web Pumpkin

Add a spiderweb on pumpkins this year! This stitched Spider web Pumpkin Halloween Decoration is a super creepy way to add some lumination to your spooky decor. For more decor that will creep you out see my Halloween page. 

Spiderweb pumpkin, Cobweb Pumpkin, spider web pumpkin carving

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I love making unique pumpkins for the fall holiday season. I got this fun pumpkin terrarium from Oriental Trading Company. It already has the front cut out!

The intention was to make a traditional fall setting out of it. Then my crafty instincts kicked in and I felt it needed an eerie sinister makeover for Halloween instead. 

I added a nice coat of matte black paint then added a stitched spider web on the front with a needle and thread. Add a flameless candle and you have the perfect Halloween spider web candle holder to set an eerie mood.

Let me show you how I made it! 

How to Make a Stitched Spider Web Pumpkin



Paint a pumpkin black, how to paint a pumpkin, black pumpkin

Paint the inside and outside of the faux pumpkin with black matte acrylic paint.

How to Carve a Faux Pumpkin

carve a pumpkin with a hot knife, how to carve a faux pumpkin

Cut a circle out of the bottom of the pumpkin with hot knife or pumpkin cutting tool. Paint the edges of the circle cut out. Let the paint dry.

How to Make a Stitched Pumpkin

stitch thread on pumpkin, hand stitch pumpkin

Cut a 5-foot piece of nylon thread. Thread a curved carpet needle with nylon string. Starting inside the pumpkin push the needle through to the outside of the pumpkin and pull to the end of the thread.

double knot

Tie the end in a double knot on the inside of the pumpkin. 

knot in thread
how to make a spiderweb pumpkin for Halloween,

Pull the stitch the next straight across the pumpkin. Add the stitch from the outside to the other outside of the pumpkin. To start the next stitch, on the inside of the pumpkin stitch across approximately 1 inch for the next section of the web. Stitch through the pumpkin from inside to out and over the other outside and repeat. You want the ross stitches inside the pumpkin.

stitching yarn on pumpkin

Once you have gone all the way around, tie off on the inside of the pumpkin with a double knot. Add a dot of hot glue to each knot and press and glue to the inside of the pumpkin to make it secure and tight. 

tie nots for web

Cut a 3-foot piece of nylon string. Start at a bottom string and tie the thread in a double knot to anchor the web. Trim the string and add a dot of glue to the knot and the loose end then glue it to the string to hide it. 

spiderweb woven on a pumpkin, cobweb pumpkin,

Going counter-clockwise skip two strings and tie the thread in a simple knot to a string. Repeat all the way around. Keep going counter-clockwise to start second row.

Skip 2-3 rows to make the web look uneven yet more like a natural spider web. Glue each knot as you go to keep it tight and secure.

If the knots slide on the string, add a tiny dot of glue to the string and pull the knot over it and let it dry. 

TIP: To add small dots of glue to the nylon string. I first squeeze out a little glue on a paper plate and just rub the tip of the glue gun on the thread. Do not use large globs or dots of glue. You could also squeeze the glue onto a paper plate and use a toothpick to add glue to the string. For me, it was easier and came out cleaner and neater to rub the tip of the gun on the string.

When you are finished if you want to make the thread brighter you can lightly paint white paint over the thread. Glow in the dark paint would be awesome too!

Cobweb Pumpkin, Black Cobweb Pumpkin Halloween decoration, Cobweb Lantern,

I hope you like my fun spiderweb pumpkin! Add a flameless candle and you have one spooky spider web lantern to decorate your home for Halloween! 

Halloween Cobweb Pumpkin, Halloween Spiderweb Pumpkin, Black pumpkin

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spiderweb pumpkin, spider web pumpkin, cobweb pumpkin, black pumpkin

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