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Snow in a Jar Birch Winter Floral

Create winter magic with our snow-in-a-jar winter floral arrangements! Bring the beauty of the season indoors with this stunning centerpiece. And no melting!For more fun winter crafts see my Winter page.

Snow in a Jar Birch Winter Floral

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As winter settles in, there’s something magical about bringing the beauty of snow indoors with a stunning snow-in-a-jar winter floral arrangement.

Picture this: a simple mason jar filled with faux snow, delicately placed with charming winter pine sprigs, twigs, and birch branches.

Imagine the serene beauty of a winter wonderland captured in a simple jar. With just a few floral picks and some creativity, you can bring the enchanting magic of snow indoors.

The key is to use faux snow and styrofoam to mimic the purity and softness of freshly fallen snow. Complement these with touches of greenery, and pinecones for a truly rustic and cozy feel. I used fun faux birch tree limbs for the branch arrangement.

This winter floral arrangement has the power to brighten any room while celebrating the unique charm of winter in a simple yet enchanting way.

I just love it! To me, it is the essence of winter and you get to keep the feeling of a cold snow day all season long in your home.

Here’s how to make it~

Snow in a Jar Birch Winter Floral


  • Floracraft® Make It: Fun Foam: (4) 3 x 7/8 Inch Foam Discs
  • Large 3 Liter Glass Canning Jar
  • I Bag of Faux Buffalo Snow
  • Faux Foam Birch Branch bundle: I got mine at Lowes, (they are available in other online floral supply shops).
  • Foliage with a Pine Cone and Thin Wood Branches
  • Low-Temp Glue Gun & Glue


The first step will depend on the width of the jar opening. If the opening is smaller than the foam discs, trim off the curved side of the disc until the foam easily slips through the opening.

Using a serrated knife or foam cutter trim all four discs as needed.

Trim all 4 discs as needed. Insert the first disc into the bottom of the jar.

With a glue gun on low temperature add glue to the second disc and then slip it through the opening and adhere it to the top of the disc in the jar. Repeat with the last three discs to create a foam tower.

Insert the birch branches and arrange them so they crisscross each other.

Pour the faux snow into the jar until it reaches the top of the foam discs.

Distribute the snow evenly in the jar by shaking it around. I added thin natural wood branch stems and some green pine foliage and that’s it!

This beautiful winter floral arrangement would make a great gift and will look beautiful greeting your guests just inside an entryway or displayed on your mantle.

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Snow in a Jar Birch Winter Floral Arrangement


  1. Where did you find the faux birch brances?

    1. Hi Melissa, I found them at Lowe’s hardware in the Christmas pick section. They may be in most craft stores these days.

  2. These are perfect for winter decorating! Pinned and sharing on FB :) #MM

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