DIY Rope Bracelet Anthropologie Inspired

DIY Rope Bracelets Anthropologie Hack

I feel in love with the Rope Hawley Bracelet on Anthropologie a couple of weeks ago, but as we all know that store can be a bit pricey $118 to be exact! I knew I could make one myself using a nautical ship knot I have on my mantle. That thing has been all over my house. It never really fit in with my home decor, so I decided to make something useful out of it! Cool Rope Bracelets!!!

So off to the craft store I went to figure out how to make a similar but prettier version of this unique bracelet. I needed huge beads that would fit two strands of rope through the middle of it, well no such luck finding those.

So I knew I had to improvise! I searched around Michaels for a substitution and what I found will make you laugh. I spotted glow stick bracelets in a super hard cardboard tube in the dollar section of Michaels. I tested them for sturdiness and brought them home to make my own beads! Crazy right! Here’s how I did it!

DIY Rope Bracelet Anthropologie Inspired #anthrohack


  • Cotton cording for upholstery
  • Embroidery floss, Bakers twine and/or cording in various colors
  • Hard cardboard tubing
  • Large Bead Landing Round & Round Decorative Rings (Michaels)
  • Sharp kitchen knife
  • Scrapbook decorative fabric sticker strips in chevron and cork, (Michaels)
  • Floral tape
  • Scissors
  • Gold metallic spray paint
  • Hot glue and gun

supplies to make rope bracelets

Cut your rope as neatly on the ends as possible to fit your wrist. Leave a little room for trimming on the ends. (Mine ended up being around 9 inches). Put your hot glue gun on a cool setting so you can touch the glue before it’s dry. Glue the rope ends and twist tightly to seal them. Then cut the tip of the glued end off so it is flat. Do the same with the other side. Add your beads.

rope bracelets

To make the beads: The ones I purchased by Bead Landing were a tarnished color and since I am on a gold jewelry kick these days,  I spray painted them with gold paint! They came out fabulous!  Hot glue the strip to the tube. You could go one more step and decoupage them to make them shiny.  I like the fabric and cork texture so I left them as is. Add the rings to your ropes and hot glue the ends together.

Paper tube

Cut paper tube

Now for the large bead: Take your cardboard tube, remove the wrapper and ends. Measure the width of  your scrapbook strips and cut your tube with a sharp kitchen knife to match the dimensions. Sawing slowly with a sharp kitchen knife so not to tear the tube. Trim with scissors.

Appy Cork to tube

Hot glue the strip to the tube. You could go one more step and decoupage them to make them shiny.  I like the fabric and cork texture so I left them as is. Add the rings to your ropes and hot glue the ends together.

Add plant tape

The next step I did was wrap floral tape to the seams of the ropes where you hot glued them together. You can skip this step if your bracelets are nice and smooth at the seams. Mine were a little sloppy so I wrapped them with tape to even out the texture, that way the floss would go on more smoothly. Some of them were a little tricky to get smooth out but I don’t mind how they look. The pics show all the flaws, they look better in person. When you are wearing them you can’t really tell how smooth they are anyway. Take the end of your floss and little hot glue and glue it to the rope. Wrap your floss over and over tightly. Bend the rope, check for openings in the floss and wrap again. Hot glue the finished end of the floss down.Wrapping takes a little bit of practice, but once you get in the groove it gets easier.

And that’s it! I love them! I actually love them more than the Anthropologie Hawley Bracelet, especially that Chevron one!

DIY Rope Bracelet

Gold Rope Bracelet

Cork Rope Bracelet teal

Charm Rope Bracelet blue

teal yellow Rope Bracelet

Free Shipping on $50+ at Michaels

Chevron Rope Bracelet

Rope Bracelets #anthrohack


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