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Stylish Yet Affordable Fall Wreaths Under $50

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Having trouble finding affordable fall wreaths instead of DIYing this year? I hear ya! These Fall Wreaths under $50 could be your next sweet find for your decor! For more wreath ideas see my Fall + Thanksgiving page.

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Fall is hands down my favorite time of the year. I love the cooler weather with a slight chill in the air and of course the cozy scarves and jackets.

Besides all of that, I also love to decorate my home pumpkins, fall foliage and the main focal point the season, the fall wreath!

Stylish Yet Affordable Fall Wreaths Under $50

In this post I am going to link up some of fun fall finds found online from one of my fav places to shop. They range in price for $25-$50. So there’s a price range for everyone!

Plus, I’ve sprinkled in some of my own DIY fall favs just in case you rather do a little DIYing.

Traditional Fall Wreaths

Let’s start with Traditional Fall Wreaths. They are the ones with mostly colorful fall leaves with red and gold foliage. They usually have a mix of berries and gourds.

  1. 22″ Autumn Wreath with Pumpkins and Daisies
  2. 20″ Fall Sunflower Wreath
  3. 24″ Fall Leaf + Pumpkin Door Wreath This one is my Fav!
fall awaits door hanger

This is one of my all time favorite projects. I teach you a fun cheat on how to paint letters by hand with painters tape! Fall Awaits Hand Painted Door Hanger

fall pumpkin wispy wreath

One of my posts from the way back machine and it’s still a popular wreath all these years later. Autumn Wispy Wreath

Farmhouse Style Fall Wreaths

Farmhouse Style usually has eucalyptus or boxwood. Anything in its natural state. Simple but stylish.

  1.  16″ x 11″ Tobacco Basket Fall Wreath with Pumpkin & Eucalyptus
  2. 18″ Farmhouse Lambs Ear Leaf Wreath
  3. 16″ Fall Wood Bead Front Door Wreath with Artichokes

Boho Style Fall Wreaths

Boho style wreaths usually have some sort of natural elements like wild flowers, raffia, and have a wispiness to them.

  1. 18″ Hydrangea, Eucalyptus, Pumpkin Wreath
  2. 22″ Autumn Wreath with Peonies Sunflowers This is my fav.
  3. 20″ Pumpkins and White Sunflower Autumn Wreath
Boho Style Raffia Straw Wreath

Felling like a DIY? try making my Fall Boho Raffia Wreath DIY Wreath.

Wheat + Reed Fall Wreaths

One of my favorite types of wreaths are preserved wheat and reeds. They just screams harvest to me! That center wheat wreath below is gorgeous!

  1. 18″ Fall Wheat and Grass Wreath
  2. 20″ Preserved Wheat Wreath
  3.  27″ Pampas Grass Fall Wreath This one is gorgeous!

Novelty Fall Wreaths + Fall Door Hangers

There are so many fun ways to celebrate the fall harvest! I gathered some of my favorite affordable fall wreaths from online below! Don’t really want a fall wreath? Then those fun door hangers are the way to go! Enjoy!

  1. 19″ Fall Wreath with Red Orange Hydrangea So, so pretty! The colors just pop!
  2. 20×11″ Welcome Sign Pumpkin Door Hanger
  3. 18″ Fall Peony and Pumpkin Wreath I am buying this one! It’s gorgeous!
  1. 11″ Hey There Pumpkin Welcome Door Hanger
  2. 17″ Hello Fall Door Wreath
  3. 20″ Fall Maple Leaves Wreath
  1. 16″ Happy Fall Y’all Mesh Deco Wreath
  2. 18″ Autumn Peony Wreath Lovin this one too!
  3. 16” Autumn Velvet Pumpkin Wreath

I hope you were able to find a great budget fall wreath for you home this year. I found a few I think I may need too! Those fun door hangers are super cute too! I may need to add one of those to my DIY to-do list!

Happy Fall!

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