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Beautiful Fringe Boho Christmas Stockings

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Super cute DIY rustic Beautiful Fringe Boho Christmas Stockings for your electric holiday decor! See how I mad these stockings and more ideas for a boho Christmas on my crafting the holidays‘ page.

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last year I bought a gorgeous flocked Christmas tree for the holidays. I wanted to have a boho styled theme for my tree and I could not find a lot of boho style Christmas decor in any of the stores. This prompted me to make them myself. I made a bunch of different types of brown leather tribal ornaments.  This year I wanted the perfect stockings to match the fun ornaments I made.

I made a fur wreath late in the season last year out of this cool dark rooted fur. I was so thrilled when I found some fur stockings made for the exact same fur. I found some funky long brown fringe that I knew would add the perfect boho feel to the fur. Then added some easy fabric trim embellishments and you have some great one-of-a-kind bohemian stockings. Here is the simple tutorial to get this look for your holiday decor.

Fringe + Tassel Boho Christmas Stockings


DIY Fringe fur stocking


Cut fringe in 18-inch strips.

Brown long fringe, faux fringe, faux leather fringe

Fold the strip in half. Glue the two strips together with fabric hot glue.

add fringe to a fur stocking, faux white fur stocking

Glue the strip of fringe 2.5 inches below the top edge of the stocking.

Embellished stockings, gold and leather stockings, DIY stockings

Glue a 9-inch strip of gold pyramid trim to the center of the top edge of the fringe strip.

Fur gold leather stockings, how to make boho stockings,

Glue a 9-inch strip of white cobble yarn below the gold pyramid trim.

Make a Tassel:

how to make an easy tassel, simple tassel making, yarn tassel making

Wrap wool yarn 20 or so times around a 6.5-inch piece of cardboard.

easy tassel making with cardboard

Tightly tie a small piece of yarn on the top of the cardboard and remove wrapped strings from cardboard.

How to make yarn tassels

Tie another piece of yarn around the top area of the tassel.

How to make fluffy tassels

Trim the ends. Tie two tassels to a 10-inch piece of yarn.

Rustic Bohemian Stockings, rustic stockings, rustic fur stocking, white fur stocking

Glue the tassels to the top of the stocking, hanging one tassel higher than the other.

Brown Fringe Stockings, White Fur Stockings, Tassel Stockings, boho tassel pom stockings

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