Brookie Bars: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownie Recipe

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My daughter came home with an interesting request. She wanted to make Brookie Bars: Cookie Dough Brownie Recipe. What are those you say? Well, it is a brownie with a chocolate chip cookie baked on top. You can find more recipes like this on my favorite recipes page.   Brookies Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies

I was like ok, yes, please! What better combination for a cookie bar, can you think of? This is a super simple kid-friendly recipe, that looks and these brookies taste like a decadent fancy restaurant dessert. She was so excited to make these and they turned out so awesome I thought I would share this easy recipe with you!

Brookie Bars: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownie Recipe 2

I opted for the easy version by using mixes but you can use your own recipes or a mix of your choice for the brownies and cookies if you wish. brownie cookie recipe

Cut the cookie dough into ¼ inch slices. Place slices of dough on top of the brownies and gently wiggle them down into the brownie mix.

Bake for 25-30 minutes. Let them cool for 15 minutes. Slice and drizzle the brookie with Hershey’s syrup pouch and enjoy!

Brookie Bars: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownie Recipe


Brookie Bars

Brookie Bars

Yield: 12
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes

Brownie and Cookie bars


  • 1 box Betty Crocker Original Supreme Brownie mix with Hershey's Syrup pouch
  • eggs, water and oil for brownies
  • 1 regular size Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip pre-made Cookie Dough


  1. Set your oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Mix brownie mix according to directions on box.
  3. Add batter to greased 9×13 in. baking pan.
  4. Cut the cookie dough in ¼ inch slices.
  5. Place slices of dough on top of the brownies and gently wiggle them down into the brownie mix.
  6. Bake for 25-30 minutes. Let them cool for 15 minutes. Slice and drizzle with Hershey’s syrup pouch and enjoy!
Nutrition Information
Yield 12
Amount Per Serving Calories 180

cookie dough brownies


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  1. 5.11.18
    Jen said:

    Just pulled these out of the oven. Look fabulous! I opted for box brownies and scratch cookies. I just dropped lumps of cookie dough in randomly. Worked like a charm. Can’t wait for them to cool down so I can eat one! Thanks for a great recipe.

    • 5.12.18
      Kim said:

      Glad you liked them Jen! They are pretty addicting.

  2. 1.29.18
    Marcia Calabro said:

    My granddaughter has been asking for these!! Must make these!!

    • 1.30.18
      Kim said:

      They are good, enjoy!

  3. 2.27.17
    Lisa said:

    Can u use any brand of boxed brownie mix? Instead of BC?

    • 2.28.17
      Kim said:

      Hi Lisa,
      Yes you can use any brand.

      • 6.3.17
        naomi said:

        can you use any type of brownie mix and any brand on the cookie dough? i’m scared it will burn

        • 6.4.17
          Kim said:

          Hi Naomi,
          Yes you can use what ever brand you like or even make them from scratch. Just keep an eye on the timing. I would go by the brownie time.

  4. 4.20.13
    Avril said:

    I have my own version of these lol! Never thought to just do them in the brownie ban… Mine are in muffin tins and with the cookie on the bottom lol.. but these look so good!

  5. 4.19.13

    You can never go wrong with Brookies!!! Yours look wonderful!

  6. 4.18.13
    Judy B said:

    I was looking for recipes and happened to come across your blog. Brookie Bars look so good; I can hardly wait to try them.

    This is a nice blog. I book marked it so that i can read it on a regular basis.

  7. 4.14.13

    A brownie/cookie? I’m all in . :D Thanks for linking up.

  8. 4.14.13

    Oh Kim I’m gaining weight just looking at them! They look yummy! Thanks so much for joining us at Transformed Tuesday.

    Peggy~PJH Designs

  9. 4.12.13

    Brookie completely makes sense now, lol. I was a little confused at first, but they look fantastic!

  10. 4.10.13
    Jackie said:

    This looks great. I found you from The In and Out Kitchen Party.

  11. 4.9.13
    Andrea said:

    Wow this looks so good and could not be any easier! Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from Sugar Bee :)

  12. 4.9.13

    I was wondering what a Brookie bar was! Now that I know, I must have one (or two)
    Thank you for linking up to the In and Out of the Kitchen link party! I can’t wait to see what you bring next week.


  13. 4.9.13
    becky6259 said:

    It looks so good to be so easy!

  14. 4.9.13
    Sharon said:

    Chocolate is my favorite thing, whether it is cookies, cakes or candy, etc. Of course, combining two things into a chocolate treat is definitely a plus! This looks fabulous and tasty Stop by when you get a chance.

  15. 4.9.13
    Tracy said:

    I am thinking that you are out to ruin my diet !!!!!!!!!!!