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Spellbinding Halloween Witch Hats Topiaries

Add some glam with these funky Halloween Witch Hats Topiaries! A modern spin on Halloween witch hat decorations. Try these fun witch hat crafts for Halloween. For more creepy decor ideas see my Halloween page. 

Halloween Witch Hats, Witch hat centerpiece, modern witch hat

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Get creative this Halloween and make these fun witch hat topiaries! These beauties are the perfect non scary Halloween decor! The fun prints and glitter make them cute, spooky and a little funky!

Head on over to your local craft store and pick out your favorite printed fabrics to use. Grab some large silk flowers and a bottle of glitter and you are ready to make this Halloween project!

I chose to use trendy Ikat and tribal fabric, added some tulle, for my witch hat decorations. Then played around with pops of orange and purple! This project is easy enough for a beginner.

I was perviously part of the FloraCraft® Fun team and this project was one of our monthly challenges.

Here’s how I made them~

How to Make Halloween Witch Hats Topiaries


  • Floracraft® Make It: Fun® Foam, (2) 3inch discs, (2) 6-inch disc and (2) 17-inch cones
  • 1 sheet of Black Poster Board
  • 2  7/16 x 36-inch Dowels, Cut Down to Around 19 inches Each
  • Black & White Contrasting Fabric, 1/2 Yard of Each
  • Black fuzzy fabric, 1/2 yard
  • Coordinating Ribbon for the edge of the Base
  • 2 flowers
  • Roll of black tulle
  • Hot glue & gun, use on Low Temp for Foam
  • Black Acrylic Paint and Brush
  • Black Aluminum  Floral Wire 4.6m
  • Scissors
Fun Foam for Witch Hats


Paint Fun foam to make a base

Paint your round foam discs with black acrylic paint. The foam will soak up the foam, so apply the paint liberally. For best results, let the paint thoroughly dry overnight.

Cut the tip of the cone to make witch hat

Slice 4 inches off the top of both foam cones.

Insert floral wire into foam to make witch hat

Cut two 12 inch pieces of floral wire and insert them into the top of the cones.

trim foam to make it concave

With a sharp knife shave out the center of the bottom of the cone so it is concave. This will allow the brim lay more naturally.

Glue fabric to cone for top of witch hat

Lay the cone on the fabric, roll and trim the fabric to fit around the cone. Trim excess fabric, but leave the top end of the cone fabric longer than the wire. Glue the fabric to the cone. Tuck and fold the fabric over the wire and glue together.

Glue spooky fabric to poster board

Cut out two large circles on the poster board. Then cut out two larger circles out of the black fuzzy fabric. Make sure the fabric circles are larger than the poster board. Hot glue the fabric to the poster board by folding the edges over the board and pressing down.

Make a base out of foam

Glue the smaller disc to the center of the larger disc. Poke a hole through both discs, insert and glue the dowel into the base. Cut a hole in the center of the hat brim.

Place the brim on the dowel and slide it down to the center of the dowel. Make a hole in the center of the cone and place on a dowel.

Push down hard, inserting the dowel around 3-4 inches inside the cone. Slide the brim back up and glue it to the bottom of the cone.

How to Decorate Witch Hats

Cut decorative ribbon and glue it around both foam layers on the bottom bases. Gather tulle and glue in small sections around the hat brim.

Add glitter to silk flowers madeinaday.com

Dab glue inside the center of the flower and add glitter. Let it dry. Glue the flower on the hat. Repeat with the other hat and that’s it!

These hats came out super cute!  What a unique decoration, so different than the ordinary Halloween decor you find in stores this time of year.

No time to make the witch hats? Try these premade favs!

witch hat for halloween, halloween witch hat decorations
Modern Witch Hats Halloween Decoration, witch hat crafts for halloween

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DIY Decorative Witch Hats Halloween Prop


  1. AVA JOHNSON says:

    I jumped off and decided to make a large hat and a mini hat. Everybody loves them!! They are just so adorable.

  2. Love the hats… need the stands, did you make these?

    1. Hi, Jody,
      Yes, how to make the stands are in the tutorial.

  3. Featured your fab witch hats at this week’s RTT party! So glad you joined us last week. We hope you grab a button and join us at this week’s party:

  4. These turned out GREAT! Love them = fantastic & easy decorations for Halloween.

  5. These are so pretty! Great tutorial! The tulle & the embellishments are a great touch. #MerryMonday

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