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Trendy DIY Bohemian Macrame Mirror Wall Hanging

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Looking for an easy starter macrame project? Then this stylish DIY Bohemian Macrame Mirror Wall Hanging is a great place to start. Just a couple of knots to learn for one great project. For more wall hanging projects see my Wall Art page.

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I decided to dabble in some real macrame for my home decor! There are so many knots and ways to tie them in the art of macrame, it can seem very overwhelming and an easy craft to avoid.

To start out on my first real attempt I decided to go with a simple project. I have had my eye on a plant hanger-type macrame mirror that I actually found on Amazon. I would have just bought it and called it a day, except that I already had the materials to make it myself.

To make things not too complicated, I only used Lark’s Head knots, square knots, and some regular simple knots in this project.

The square knots are the toughest to wrap your head around at first. But once you get the hang of tying them they become much easier to handle. Grab some macrame string and let’s get started!

DIY Bohemian Macrame Mirror Wall Hanging


macrame mirror design


Cut 4 pieces of macrame cording into 108 inches (or 3yds) sections.

larks head knot mirror macrame

Fold the strips in half and tie all 4 of them on the wood loop using a Lark’s Head knot. Pull the knots tight and close together.

Separate two of the Lark’s Head knots and start tying them into a square knot.

square knot macrame mirror design

Tie two square knots.

Start tying two square knots into the second two Lark’s Head knots.

square knot for mirror macrame

As you start the second square knot loop it through one of the sides of the other two square knots to combine them into one large wide square knot.

Tie 7 square knots going down both sides and together.

square knot for macrame holder

Split off the ends after tying the knots. Two strings for each side and 4 in the center.

Add tape to the ends of the cording to seal the frayed ends. This will make it easier to add the beads. Congrats!

That was the hard part! The rest is just tying easy knots and getting the sides even.

add beads to macrame

Add one bead to each of the 2 side cording lines.

Tie a knot under the bead on both sides making them even.

Tie the 4 cords in the center into a plain or (Overhand knot) about 1/14 inch below the beads.

beaded macrame mirror, easy knotted macrame mirror, white macrame mirror

Take one cord from the center and add it to the 2 cords on the sides. Tie the three together in a knot on both sides.

Add the mirror to get the knot lengths even. Add one of the 3 side cordings to the back of the mirror to hold it steady.

Tie simple knots in all 3 side cords at the bottom left and right of the mirror. Separate the 3 sides cords again.

Send one on each side to the back of the mirror and bring 2 on each side to the front of the mirror and tie them into a knot.

tie knots on back of macrame mirror, easy macrame mirror technique

Turn the mirror over and tie all of the cords together. Turn the mirror back over and loosen the front knot.

Slip the back cords inside the knot and retighten the knot. Cut the cording ends down to around 14 inches.

Pull the ends of the cording loose and let them fray. Comb the ends of the cording with a comb to fluff ends. Hang and enjoy!

Simple Macrame Mirror Technique Design, beaded macrame mirror design, natural macrame mirror

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Looking for an easy starter macrame project? Then this stylish DIY Bohemian Macrame Mirror Wall Hanging is a great place to start. Just a couple of knots to learn for one great project. macrame mirror, macrame mirror holder, macrame mirror design, bohemian macrame mirror, boho macrame mirror design, macrame design mirror,

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