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DIY White Gold Color Block Tassel Necklaces

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It’s time to make some new jewelry for spring! Today I am sharing how to make your own DIY White & Gold Color Block Tassel Necklaces! This will be a great addition to your spring/summer wardrobe, plus it is so simple to put together you’re going to want to make a bunch for every outfit.

Color Block Tassel Necklace, Blush Mint green tassel, black tassel necklace

It’s no secret I am tassel crazy, yes I admit it. Don’t believe me? See my fashion + jewelry page. I have a ton of posts from home decor to fashion with all kinds of tassels. Tassel necklaces have been super popular for the last few years. What I am into these days is the more minimal tassel jewelry. The less is more look seems to be more my vibe.

For these necklaces, I am using plain embroidery floss to make small tassels to hang between the colored beads. The hardest part about recreating this necklace is finding the small 5 mm beads in various colors. White beads for some reason seem to be seasonal and quite scarce at the craft stores. A great place to look for 5mm beads is on Etsy.com, they usually carry a variety of hard to find beads and findings. I added a link to some white 5mm beads like the ones used in this necklace in the supply list below.

Another way to accumulate large amounts of beads for projects is to break up old or new necklaces. Sometimes if there is a great sale or clearance on beaded necklaces, I buy them up, take them apart and use the beads in some of my projects. You may even have some beads in some of your dated jewelry in your closet right now that would work! Let’s make a necklace!

DIY White Gold Color Block Tassel Necklaces


how to make a beaded tassel necklace


Make a Tassel:

Remove Packaging from embroidery floss.

how to make a tassel with embroidery thread

With the floss still folded from the packaging, insert one end of the floss through a jump ring. Twist the floss to make it tight and push it through the jump ring. If it will not fit through the hole easily. Open the jump ring and put the thread inside the ring. Close the ring with jewelry pliers.

simple tassels with embroidery floss

Fold the floss in half. Cut off a piece of floss from the end and wrap it around the top of the folded floss. Tie it in a knot and add a dot of hot glue to secure it. Wrap the ends around the knot, hot glue it into place and trim the other end off.

Easy Tassel with Embroidery floss, blush tassel

Trim the end of your tassel with sharp scissors.

Make the Necklace: 

Cut a 40-inch piece of nylon thread. Tie a double knot on one end of the string.

how to finish a nylon thread necklace

Add a needle the other end and add the beads to the string. Add 55 white beads then 25 gold beads, then 22 white beads, 25 beige beads, and another 55 white beads. Pull the ends of the nylon thread to tighten the necklace and tie it off with double knots. Rub just the tip of the hot glue gun on the string to heat it up and add a tiny bit of hot glue between each knot to keep it secure. Put both threads together and tie in a knot dab it hot glue and trim it off.

Add the tassels to where the colored beads meet the white beads in the center and in the center of the white beads by opening the jump ring with jewelry pliers. Loop the jump ring over the nylon string and close it with the pliers. And that’s it! Super cute necklaces! They are definitely, one of my favorite beaded necklaces that I wear.

Color block bead tassel necklaces, simple tassel necklaces
Black tan white coral tassel necklace
Peach, coral, mint green, and navy tassel necklaces, color block necklace

This one is my favorite I love the mint green with the muted blue and coral tassels. Sometimes I layer these for a more dramatic look.


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  1. Andrea Nine says:

    I am so in love with these necklaces. Great colors and design! I could see me wearing these often! So CUTE!

    1. I am so glad you like them! The one with the mint green is my favorite one to wear. Thanks so much!

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