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How to Make a Wood Bead Tassel Hoop Necklace

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Looking for the perfect necklace for summer? Let me shoe you how to make a wood bead tassel hoop necklace tutorial. It is sure to be your go-to necklace this season. For more fun posts like this one see my Jewelry page

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Make a cute Boho Necklace for your Summer Wardrobe

This past spring break I went to Charleston S.C. on vacation. That is where I saw the cutest earrings on a tourist while walking the streets shopping. I decided to recreate them from memory, you can see the tutorial on how I made those wood bead tassel earrings in a previous post.

I love the look of natural wood. I found some really cool wood rings on Amazon and at first, I had planned on making earrings out of them. That post will be later, I still have a great idea for those up my sleeve. But for now, I was playing around with one of the fun tassels I made for the earring post.

I used a large jump ring to add the tassel and then I used some beige suede cording for the necklace part. Super simple materials and it makes such a pretty statement. You could also add more tassels for a whole other look to this necklace. Let’s put one together!

How to Make a Wood Bead Tassel Hoop Necklace


how to make a wood ring tassel necklace


Make the tassel: See the Wood Bead Tassel Earrings post for instructions on how to make the tassel.

wood bead tassel, Natural Wood bead Tassel with embroidery floss, light green tassel

Add the jump ring to the tassel and place on the wood ring. Tighten jump ring with pliers.

add a wood ring to a necklace, natural wood ring suede necklace

Cut a 45-inch strip of suede cording. Try hanging the cording around your neck to see the length you will need for me it is 45 inches. You can cut it a little larger to have enough to work with. Loop the suede cord through the hoop.

Tie Suede around wood ring, wood hoop circle necklace

Insert ends of cording into the loop and pull it tight.

Tie a knot in suede

Tie the ends of the cording into a simple knot. Adjust the length by trimming the cording if needed. Trim off excess cording and that’s it! You have one stylish boho necklace! It really is so simple, yet super cute.

Natural wood ring tassel necklace, suede wood tassel necklace, bohemian tassel necklace


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wood ring tassel necklace

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  1. This is so cute! I love how simple this project looks but also what am impact it makes once it’s done! The natural tones look great.

    1. Thanks so much! It’s my new summer fav!

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