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Make Your Own Pom & Tassel Basket Totes

I love a great fashion makeover. Try upgrading a plain handbag or tote with fabric trim and turn them into one-of-a-kind tassel basket totes for the beach or shopping. For more fun makeovers see my Thrift Store Upcycle page.

Tassel Basket Totes

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I love raiding the basket section of thrift stores. You can usually find the most unique baskets to use for decor or in this case fashion for a fraction of the cost of retail ones. They run around $3 to $5 versus the twenty dollars and up prices of regular retail. 

These days, you can find in most clothing stores or stores like Target, fun large basket totes with ball trim, tassels. They all have a bohemian look for spring/summer handbags or beach totes.

On my thrift store hunt, I found some great basket totes and canvas totes to decorate like the pricey ones sold in stores.

I love funky vintage basket totes. It’s awesome when you find them in great condition. Plus it is super easy to dress up these totes with simple ball trim, tassel trim, and a cute tassel pom charm.

Let me show you how to make great tassel basket totes in minutes that won’t break the bank!

seagrass half moon tote with tassels

Tassel Basket Totes



half moon beach bag makeover, vintage half moon straw tote hand bag, wicker half Moon Tote

Start with a plain woven bag or canvas tote. I got this crescent tote for a whopping $2.99 at my fav thrift store. It is a vintage half moon basket and it had some wear on the edges.

I used a clear spray on shellac to restore some of the color and shine back into the whicker. Make sure follow manufacturers directions and spray the bag outside.

The fumes from the shellac are pretty harsh. Just a warning!

how to make a beach bag tote, pom pom basket bag, half moon straw tote makeover

Start by pinning the tassel and ball trim to the basket using large sewing pins. When you get the right color combo and you are happy with the placement, unpin and remove the top trim.

wicker tote basket, diy beach bag, add tassels to beach bag

Begin gluing the trim on the side of the tote. I only had a small amount of the multicolor tassel so I used it on the inside of the handle. Glue the ends together when they meet.

add pom poms to straw bag, diy pom pom basket tote, pom pom basket bag

Glue a layer of ball trim on the top of the tassel trim. Glue the yellow mini pom trim over the ball trim on the edge. This project is super easy to make and is only a fraction of the cost of department store bags!


diy beach bags, cute beach totes, trendy totes, add tassel trim totes

I couldn’t stop at just one bag I had to make a bunch. Above you can see where I added trim to canvas totes. I also made the pom pom tassel bag charm on bottom basket tote. See the link for that tutorial.

half moon straw beach bag with tassels, pom pom half moon bag,

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woven bag tote makeover


  1. Linda Carry says:

    Beautiful so much colour

  2. oh my god I love these!
    Where did you get the fringe and pom poms? I can’t seem to find anything this cute!

    1. Hi Elana,
      Try JoAnn’s Fabrics and Hobby Lobby, they both have a great selection of fabric trim. The large orange ball trim and colorful tassels are from JoAnn’s.

  3. This is one of my favorite projects of yours :) I just love the tassels, and how many different looks you created! These are so perfect for summer! I’ll be featuring at our Merry Monday party this week.

  4. Your totes are so pretty and colorful now!! It’s fantastic you got that one for less than $3!! They are so expensive here! I will have my eyes open from now on when visiting thrift stores.

  5. this is such a cute diy. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things link party. Watch for your feature tomorrow xo

  6. I didn’t realize that this was your thrift store upcycle…blown away! I’m so in love these cute bags and can’t wait to see your next tutorial.

    1. Thanks Debra! Love the darker one the best.

    1. Thank’s Paula, I actually have four the other two are regular canvas totes I used them for vacation instead of lugging a backpack. Definitely cuter than a backpack.

  7. What a great idea! I see these wicker totes all the time at thrift stores. Now I have a reason to pick one up!

    1. I have to admit I have a bunch, for this very reason. Thank you!

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