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DIY Round Wall Vase

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DIY Round Wall Vase with Jars madeinaday.com

This is part two of my Round Wall Shelf tutorial I made using a cheese box, a birch board and some jute rope. I took the lid of my cheese box and repurposed it into this cute wall vase using old salsa jars, jute rope and a staple gun! Both of these project literally took an hour to make. I just love how cute they came out! Here’s how I made the vase~

DIY Round Wall Vase



Make a wall vase out of a cheese box

Lay your jars on top of the lid and decide where to place them to be mounted. Mark where the first rope goes with a pencil.

Staple rope for jar wall vase

Remove the jar, place the rope over the mark and staple it to the lid. Make sure your fingers are not in the way of the gun!!! Staple guns scare me to death, making this project gave me multiple mini heart attacks, good thing this was an easy project.

Hammer the staple into the wood so it is snug and add hot glue under the rope for added security. My cheese box lid is vintage, so it’s pretty fragile, which is why I opted for the hot glue for extra strength.

make a wall vase

Replace the jar and measure and mark on the other side of the jar where you will be stapling. I used masking tape to ark where to staple. Remove the jar, staple and glue down the other side of the rope.

Rope wall vase holders

Trim the rope and repeat the steps for the other jar. Staple and glue a piece of rope to the top edge of the lid to hang the vase. And that’s it! Add some flowers and your done! Such an easy makeover and even better that I used things I already owned! So no to little cost for me! Yay!

Round Shelf and Wall Vase from a Cheese Box madeinaday.com

Affilate SupportDIY Round Shelf and Vase from a Cheese Box madeinaday.com

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  1. How clever! Both of the projects turned out great, and I love that thick jute rope. Pinned.

  2. These are so neat! I love them! Thanks for sharing. Visiting from This Is How We Roll!
    Kristine :)

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