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Colorful Fall Gods Eye Pumpkins

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Looking for a beautiful way to display your pumpkins for fall this year? My Colorful Fall Gods Eye Pumpkin is a gorgeous way to add a pop of color to your home. For more fall ideas see my Thanksgiving page. 

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I have always been fascinated with the simple craft of making God’s Eyes. There is something comforting about the color combos and patterns that pop. I had been wanting to incorporate some of them into my home decor.

Then it hit me that rich fall colors in a woven pattern would make a fantastic gods eye pumpkin decoration! The global look tassel pumpkin is perfect for my decor.

Researching the correct ways to make these beauties, I came across the wonderful history of the origin of this craft.

The God’ Eye or Ojo de Dios is commonly found in the Mexican and Mexican American Culture. But it is also seen around the world in India and Peru. It is a spiritual object used for protection during prayer. They are made by weaving several colors on a cross.

The Huichol and Tepehuan Indians of Western Mexico call their God’s Eyes a Sikuli. When a child is born, the central eye is woven by the father, then one eye is added for every year of the child’s life until the child reaches the age of five. You can read more about the history and meanings of the God’s Eye online.

To help you recreate these colorful gods eye pumpkins. I made a couple of patterns in two sizes to print out. Just tape them to your faux pumpkins and cut to simulate the cross sticks of a handheld God’s Eye. Here’s how I made them!

Colorful Fall Gods Eye Pumpkin 


  • 2 Faux Pumpkins: 9 inch, 13 inch
  • I Skein of Lion Brand Yarn: Yarn Laine: Plum Rich or Tropical
  • 4 Pom Poms: Orange
  • 4 Skeins of Embroidery Thread: 2 Rose, 2 Teal
  • 100 Grit Sand Paper
  • Walnut Hollow Hot Knife
  • Washi Tape
  • Pencil
  • Hot Glue & Gun
  • Acrylic Paint: Black, Tan
make a gods eye pumpkin

Pumpkin Gods Eye pattern PDF’s: 


gods eye printable pattern

Print out Pdf’s of God’s Eye cutting patterns. Cut out the triangle shapes on the pattern with an X-Atco Knife. Trim the top and sides of the shape off. Add Washi tape to edges and place it in the center of the pumpkin.

stenciling on a pumpkin

Draw the triangles on the pumpkin.

cut a hole in the bottom of a pumpkin

Using a hot knife cut a circle out the bottom of the pumpkin.

carve a pumpkin with a hot knife

Cut the triangle shapes on the craft pumpkin.

gods eye pattern for pumpkin
gods eye on a pumpkin

Start by tying a knot across the center of the cross.

TIP: The yarn I chose is really thin and fuzzy and tended to tangle easily when I wrapped it. So I separated the colors and wrapped them over a large plastic smoothie straw so the yarn would not tangle as I was weaving the pattern. 

weaving on a pumpkin

Rotate the knot to the inside of the pumpkin and start wrapping the yarn 6 times in one direction then switch and wrap 6 more times across the first wrap making an X.

how to make a gods eye on a pumpkin

To start the layers, start at the base of one the cross arms, crossover top of the next arm. Then go under that arm and backward to wrap around that arm, then cross over again to the next arm. Repeat. It takes some practice, but once you get into the grove it becomes easy. If you need visual ideas of how the pattern is made check out this video on YouTube.

change colors on a gods eye

To change colors. Simply stop the color and tie the next color to the end in a knot and continue wrapping. To finish the wrapping, I hot glued the end of the yarn to the side of the interior of the pumpkin. 

Make a Simple Tassel:

tassel with embroidery floss

Using one Embroidery skein, cut an 8-inch piece of floss off and set aside. Cut the 8-inch floss in half. Lay the remaining skein down and tie it in the center with one the 4-inch floss pieces.

simple floss tassel

Fold the skein in half and tie with the remaining 4-inch piece of thread. Wrap the ends around and glue them down with hot glue. Trim the ends with scissors. 

Pom pom tassel

Add a pom-pom to the string with hot glue. 

Ojos de Dios pumpkin, tassel pumpkin, bohemian pumpkin, Global pumpkin, Dreamcatcher pumpkin Mexican Pumpkin, Gods Eye pumpkin

Tie or glue the tassels to the sides of the God’s Eye on each pumpkin. Use 10 grit sandpaper to smooth any rough edges on the pumpkin cutouts. 

Gods Eye Pumpkin Lantern Luminaries, Boho Tassel Pumpkin, Yarn Stitched pumpkin, boho pumpkin

Add a flameless candle inside the pumpkin and Enjoy! I am so thrilled with how these fun pumpkins turned out! The colors are so rich and gorgeous! They go great with my fun Boho Fabric pumpkins shown above and my Shimmering Boho Pumpkin Lanterns. You should also check out my friend Amanda’s Black and white Halloween Yarn Pumpkins.

Love it? Pin it! 

global Gods Eye Pumpkins for fall

Don’t feel like making this but love the look? Shop these pumpkin lantern ideas!


  1. There is always something fun and creative to see on your blog, Kim!
    This is such a great idea for something unique at Fall. Love it!

  2. This is SO awesome; I love this twist on traditional pumpkins! Using a straw to manage the yarn is brilliant. I have to stead that – lol!

    1. Aw thanks Sara, I made these late last year and I didn’t share them that much. Glad you liked them! I love lanterns and when you add a faux candle inside these they light up perfectly.

  3. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I adore this project, Kim. It speaks to me on so many different levels. Stunning!!!!!

    1. Thank you, Michelle! I love the yarn I used. The colors scream fall!

  4. What a unique idea! The design brings back memories of church camp. I remember doing something like that around twigs!!

  5. The hot knife is awesome and I think I need one now. These pumpkins are stunning. What a cool and creative idea.

  6. These pumpkins are beautiful and so creative. I have made God’s eyes as a kid but I never knew the history, I learned something today. Thank you!

  7. Very unique! I like that you left the sides open for the light to shine through. BTW- don’t you love the hot knife. I love it!

  8. So unique! I love it with the light shining though too. Great jb!

    1. Thanks so much, Pamela! I really love how they turned out too!

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