Sinful Bewitching Witch Halloween Decor

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Looking for a way to scare the bejeezus out of your neighbors this year? Check out my Bewitching Witch Halloween Decor! These three witches will bring the spook factor to your haunted house this season. For more scary ideas see my Halloween page. 

Three witch decorations, Sanderson Sisters, halloween witch animated decor

Bewitching Witch Halloween Decor

The Disney movie, Hocus Pocus with the story of the three Sanderson witches, seems to be getting more and more popular every year. I love to decorate my home for Halloween with a witchy style. I have even made a bunch of witch Halloween posts, mainly decorations and printables so that you all can create your own spooky witch house for Halloween. 

Because I needed my own three creepy sisters, this year I partnered with my friends at to feature some of their terrifying animatronic witches, along with a sparkling witches broom and large cut-out cauldron! Together these witch Halloween decor props are the perfect addition to my Halloween stash! Let me show how they work! 

purple old lady witch, animated witch with broom, cute halloween witch decorations

First up is the Talking Witch with Broomstick. This storybook witch has a look that is more on the sweet old lady side versus scary evil temptress. She stands 6 feet tall, has a purple hat and flowy dress.

purple animated witch halloween decoration, sweet witch,

Her eyes light up and her body turns from side to side while cackling out 3 creepy sayings! Perfect for the person who likes cute Halloween decor vs scary. 

green witch, scary animated witch, witch with skull Halloween decoration

Next up is the green Talking Witch Prop with Skull. This witch is definitely bringing up the scare factor! I have this witch standing on my fireplace. She freaks me out every now and then when I look over and see her horrifying face! She stands 6 feet tall, 7 feet with the hat, has a black dress with green creepy fabric on her shoulders and hat!

animated green witch prop, Halloween witch prop, light up eye witch prop

Her eyes light up and her head turns side to side when she crackles out her sayings. Super scary! We are calling her swamp witch! 

Creepy storybook witch halloween prop, witch and cauldron props

My third witch is one of my own Halloween decorations and not found on Wayfair but she is equally as creepy as the other two.

cut out cauldron, spooky witch cauldron, bubbling cauldron prop, witches broomstick prop, Halloween Broomstick

But have a closer look at that cool broom she is holding and that colorful cauldron cut-out! That witches broomstick is from Wayfair and is super spooky with glitter and fun stripes. Perfect for a trip around the moon! I love it!

I may add some flowers to that broom and hang it on my door! It would make a great Halloween door hanger! The fun cut out cauldron sets a super spooky mood too! These witches are cooking up something bad! 

Witch selfie, Witch props for halloween, Animated witch prop Halloween decor

I hope you enjoyed checking out my fun Halloween decorations! The big night is coming soon and I am going to be ready to scare my new neighbors! Check out the selection of fun Halloween decorations and more at

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  1. 10.24.19
    Tania said:

    This is definitely spooky, you did a great job!


    • 10.25.19
      Kim said:

      Thank you, Tania!

  2. 10.24.19

    You did a great job with the spooky Halloween post love that witch

    • 10.25.19
      Kim said:

      Thank you Maria! They are all pretty freaky!