Fall Colors Tassel Necklaces

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Bar Tassel Jump Ring Tassel Necklaces madeinaday.com

I am so glad the weather has finally cooled off here in North Carolina, the summer seemed way to long this year, right? It’s time to pull out the long sleeves and sweaters and to update my fall wardrobe. to do just that I made these super cool fall colors tassel necklaces.

I love the bar necklaces that are trending now and it’s really easy to add a tassel to them for a great pop of color! I also found a bunch of jump ring tassel necklaces on Pinterest and I made a few of them too! These are so easy to make I whipped up all of these necklaces up in one afternoon. They are made with leather strings so no beading involved! Yay! Here’s how to make them~

Fall Colors Tassel Necklaces


Bar Tassel Necklace


Make a Bar Tassel Necklace madeinaday.com

Cut a 45 inch long piece of leather cording.

Simple Leather Bar Tassel Necklace madeinaday.com

Add the bar to the string.

Lop Embroidery Floss over bar and tie a tasssel madeinaday.com

Cut a 5 inch piece of floss off of the embroidery string bundle. Wrap the embroidery string over the bar. 

Add a dot of hot glue, tie into a double knot and pull tight. Wrap the string around the tassel knot and hot glue the ends down. To keep the tassel from moving, push the tassel aside and add a small dot of glue to the center of the bar. Move the tassel back.

Trim Embroidery Floss Tassel madeinaday.comTrim your floss on the ends. Tie your leather in a knot to the length you would like the necklace to hang. Mine are around 40 inches long.

Jump Ring Tassel Necklace


Make a Jump Ring Tassel Necklace madeinaday.com

Cut a inch 45 inch long piece of leather string. Add ten jump rings on either end of the tassels and between how ever many tassels you will have. In other words, if your necklace has three tassels, you will have 10 rings- Tassel -10 rings -Tassel- 10 rings -Tassel-10 rings. Tie your leather to the length you would like the necklace to hang.

To make the tassels~

Fold a  bundle of embroidery string in half and feed through a jump ring. Cut a 5 inch piece of the same floss off of the embroidery string bundle. Tie the string in a knot tightly at the bottom of the jump ring.  Add a dot of hot glue and pull tight.

Wrap the string around the tassel knot and hot glue the ends down. Add the tassel to the leather string between the 10 Jump rings and that’s it!

TIP: If your tassels are wavy when you are finished, you can use an iron to smooth them out. This works on the leather too!

See more of my Tassel Posts for a more detailed description on how to make tassels.

Bar Tassel Necklaces Tutorial on madeinaday.com

I love these and the fall colors accent my outfits so well! They are so easy to make, I made a whole new custom jewelry wardrobe for Fall in a couple of hours!

Grey Tassel Bar Necklace Tutorial madeinaday.com

Cream Tassel Bar Necklace tutorial madeinaday.com

Burgandy Tassel Bar Necklace Tutorial madeinaday.com

Black White and Pink Tassel Bar Necklace tutorial on madeinaday.com

Jump Ring Tassel Necklace in Gold Grey Cream and Brown tutorial on madeinaday.com

Jump Ring Tassel Necklace Navy Burgandy and Gold tutorial on madeinaday.com

Navy Orange Tassel Necklace madeinaday.com

What colors do you like best for fall? Incorporate them into your jewelry to make your fall outfits pop! These would make great holiday gifts too!


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DIY Navy Orange Two Tassel Necklace madeinaday.com 

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How to make the super trendy tassel necklaces using jewelry bars and Jump rings for added decoration. Easy DIY tassels.

15 thoughts on “Fall Colors Tassel Necklaces

  1. Emily Gentry says:

    Where did you find the gold loops/findings you used in the last picture (orange & navy)?

    1. Walmart has it all in a set and Micheals has just the hoops. The jewelry company Cousin makes them. Hope this helps!

  2. Kim, I love these! I’m a fan of tassels and you make this seem so easy to do! I even have some tassels that I hang on my Christmas tree!

    1. Thanks Shirley!! Ha now I have to make some for ornaments!! Lol!

    1. Ha, yes earrings would cool with the bar tassels! Thanks for the idea Chelc!

  3. These are really, really cool! I’ve actually been curious about how to make tassels in general so this tutorial was very helpful. I may just have to make these for my friend for Christmas – pinning to my DIY fashion accessories board!

    1. Thanks so much and uyes they would make perfect Christmas gifts! Thanks for reading!

  4. How do you finish the ends that go around the neck? Do you just tie it off or do you glue on some type of closure?

    1. Hey Erlene, I just tied it in a knot and pulled tight. The suede holds it in place, no need for glue. 🙂

  5. Very creative – Thanks for linking up to Pin Worthy Wednesday, I have pinned your post to the Pin Worthy Wednesday Pinterest Board.

  6. Looks like a fun little project. Great colors too! I could see my daughter whipping up a bunch of these for friends for Christmas.
    Thanks for sharing with us at the #HomeMattersParty link party.

  7. Very cute! I think I have all the stuff to make these. I will pull my supplies out and my girls and I can get creative! Thanks for the idea!

  8. I love the tassels. I’m into tassels right now… well, Christmas is coming so I’m concentrating on that but = how I love tassels! Have a great week. Linda @Crafts a la mode

    Pinned. Shared.

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