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Effortless Fringe Statement Earrings

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Make your own simple, yet bold, DIY Fringe Statement Earrings. Grab some fabric trim fringe, and wood hoops to make these beauties in minutes. So stylish and on-trend for summer! For more fun jewelry tutorials see my Jewelry + Fashion page.

Effortless Fringe Statement Earrings

It is spring and that means it’s time for some new jewelry pieces to refresh my wardrobe. Half-circle or full-circle fringe earrings seem to be on trend everywhere this season. I am super excited to show you how I came up with a way to make some fabulous earrings at home with just a few supplies.

I used some 2-inch wood hoops, the same ones from my Wood Bead and Tassel Hoop Necklace, and simply glued some fun natural fabric fringe 3/4ths of the way around the hoop. Trim the fringe in a v-shape and that’s it!

You have a pair of gorgeous earrings that are sure to make a big statement. Let’s make them!

Statement Fringe Earrings


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wood hoop fringe earrings, natural wood earrings, statement earrings

Cut a strip of cotton fringe trim to 3 inches long. You can trim it smaller later if needed.

Add a dot of hot glue to the edge of the wood hoop and press one end of the trim to adhere it to the hoop.

Glue the trim evenly going around the circle of the hoop. Let it dry.

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Trim the bottom fringe ends and comb it out the fringe so it is smooth.

macrame earrings

Cut the fringe in a V-shaped pattern to the length you would like.

I started by leaving the trim long but ultimately opted for a shorter fringe. The length of the fringe you choose is up to you.

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Open the jump ring with jewelry pliers and put it around the hoop. Add the earring hook and close the jump ring.

Repeat to make the second earring and that’s it! Enjoy!

DIY Fringe Earrings, Statement earrings, wood hoop earrings

I love how funky boho-ish these wood earrings turned out. The fringe is so fun and would look great with summer outfits! Great to add to your vacay wardrobe!

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Effortless DIY Fringe Statement Earrings


  1. I saw an earring like this and thought how easy it would be to make it and you did it! Perfect for the upcoming summer season.

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