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DIY Magnetic Air Plant Hanger

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Looking for a creative way to display air plants? Try making one of these fun DIY magnetic air plant hangers and stick them anywhere you have a metal surface! For more fun plant projects see my Plant Crafts page.

DIY Magnetic Air Plant Hanger

I love the modern air plant trend to add greenery to your home. Air plants are a great alternative to potted plants. If you have a cat like I do, then these are the perfect indoor plant to have. Plus they do not have roots so they do not need soil! You can literally hang them anywhere and they will thrive.

Today I am showing how to make a simple air plant pot that you can stick around to brighten up your home. So grab your foam balls and magnets and let’s get started!

Magnetic Air Plant Hanger



foam ball,

Put both hands around the foam ball and press down into a flat surface to create a 2-inch flat area on the ball. This will be the back of the orb where the magnets will go.

how to cut foam with a foam knife

Cut a small section with the foam cutter off of the top of the foam ball.

make a hole in foam

Remove the metal base from the tea light. The base is the perfect size for the hole where the plant with rest. Place the base, edge side down into the center of the flat top of the foam.  Turn the tea light base back and forth to cut a perfect circle into the foam.

make a hole in a foam ball

Remove the base and take a metal spoon and gently scoop out the center of the circle. Once you have removed the foam within the hole scrape then press the spoon against the sides of the hole to smooth the inner walls.

use smooth finish to get a flat surface on foam

Coat the ball with Sooth Finish using your hands. Press the coating into the foam. Let the coating dry completely. Lightly sand the coating until smooth.

tape off foam to paint it

Place painters tape sideways on the foam. Paint the bottom of the foam with copper acrylic paint. Let it dry.

add a magnet foam

Add low temp glue to one side of the magnet and press it into the back flat side of the orb. Add a cute plant and hang in indirect light!

faux concrete air plant holders, air plant orbs, magnetic air plant holder

These cute funky faux concrete magnetic air plant hanger orbs are the perfect way to add style and a little greenery to your home!

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Magnetic Air Plant Holder



  1. Oh my gosh! These are just the cutest and I am sure they are pretty light weight, too. Love how you painted them.


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