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Catching Rays with Window Plant Shelves

Looking for a way to display your plants in a big window? I found these fun floating window plant shelves to bring more green inside my home. For more posts like this see my Plants page.

Catching Rays with Window Plant Shelves

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I’ve been wanting a way to add more plants to my indoor collection. I started placing plants in my back window on a wood console table. Well, I realized the bigger they get the less room I have for more plants! Yes, it’s an addiction.

Since space is limited in my small home the only way I could get more plants in the area is to use the windows. So off I went to figure out the best way to make use of this space.

The windows in the back of my house are tall, wide, and high off the ground and the ceilings are vaulted. I didn’t want to damage the wood on the ceiling by making one with big hooks. I found an easier way by searching online.

acrylic hanging shelves,

What I found were these acrylic plant shelves hung by wires. They are clear so this will allow you will get a wall of plants without the obstruction of a dark shelf.

I want the light to still come into our home and not be blocked by a shelving unit or heavy wood.

Catching Rays with Window Plant Shelves

Let me show you how they work!

how to hang window shelves securely, hang window shelf from molding

These hanging plant shelves cleverly attach to the top edge of the window molding. This particular bracket is the reason why I bought this brand, that and the price was much lower than the competition.

Our 70-year-old house has plaster walls and once you make a hole it is there forever. Plus you need heavy duty wall anchors if you want to hang anything with some weight to it. Which causes even more damage.

With this type of bracket, the shelves feel secure and the weight is more balanced than hooks.

The set also comes with a wood brace for extra support in case your window molding is thin.

secure metal wire with metal collar

You feed the wires that are attached to the top bracket through the acrylic shelves and secure with metal collars with a hex wrench.

leveling shelves

You then hang the shelves on the molding and adjust the shelves using a level. Tighten the metal collars when you have them just right and your done!

Floating shelves, Window shelves, plant window shelf
DIY window shelf, clear shelf in window,
Coin Plant, Philodendron, Zebra Plant, Peperomia Obtusifolia
Coin Plant, Philodendron, Zebra Plant, Peperomia Obtusifolia
Fairy Castle Cactus
Fairy Castle Cactus
how to propagate plants, test tube plant propagate holder

Another way to get more plants is by propagating the ones you already have! I found this cute Hanging glass planter set to propagate the plants and succulents from my yard.

coin plant, embossed terracotta planter, woven trivet
Coin Plant

Earlier this year I bought some fun planter pots to replant some of my small plants. I love this Embossed Terracotta planter. It’s super groovy. That funky woven sun trivet it sits on is one of my newest finds too. Check out my Woven Sun Tassel Wall Hanging I made of a set of those trivets.

Stenocereus Cactus
Stenocereus Cactus
the best plant window shelves, acrylic plant window, clear plant window, DIY window shelves

I am so thrilled with my new plant window! I can’t wait to get out and get more plants to fill the shelves. Here are the deets on how you get your set of acrylic window shelves.

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  1. What a beautiful and unique way to display your plants. You have the best ideas, Kim!

  2. This is great! Sending to my daughter who is a plant obsessed renter!

  3. these shelves are really pretty. I love that they are acrylic they look so clean and classy.

  4. That is an awesome plant display. I’ve been thinking about doing the same thing and didn’t know this existed!

    1. Thanks so much! I love them too! I didn’t want to take away from our view on the hill.

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