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Sparkling Glitter Painted Feather Ornaments

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Try these super easy Glitter Painted Feather Ornaments for your tree this year! Just paint an easy design and trace it with glue and add glitter! Simple yet sparkling ornaments for a boho tree! For more holiday ideas see my Christmas page.

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This is the fourth ornament in a series of five that I am making this year for my flocked Christmas Tree with a boho theme. Check out the first three tutorials: Leather Feather Arrow Ornaments, Frosted Glitter Bullseye Ornaments, Suede Tribal Fabric Ball Ornaments and coming soon super easy Antler Ornaments.

I bought a large 24 piece set of wood white wash feathers and just played around with some patterns to paint on them with metallic paint pens! The paint pens made this project super fast and easy to make a ton of ornaments in no time. Here’s how I made them!

Glitter Painted Feather Ornaments


how to make feather ornaments



Draw designs on the wood feathers using the metallic paint pens.

paint feathers

Paint on Elmer’s glue to accent the designs. Sprinkle with glitter and let them dry. Cut a 10-inch piece of embroidery string and hot glue it to the back of the feather. And that’s it! Super easy ornaments to adorn a tree or could be great present toppers!

 boho feather, painted feather, wood feather,

pink silver boho feather ornament, feather ornament, DIY Wood Feather ornamentI just love how these all came out. They add a pop of color with white all around the tree. These would be a great kid craft project to keep them busy when school is out. You can make them as extravagant or simple as you want. I hope you’ll try them!

bohemian Christmas tree

My Boho Christmas Tree Reveal is coming up next week!


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Happy Holidays! Enjoy!

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