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It’s that time of year again! Time for proms and weddings galore! Today I am sharing with you how to make a boutonniere for that special guy. For more floral designs see my wreaths + plants page.

Wedding flowers Make a boutonniere, how to make a boutonniere with silk flowers

Basically, a boutonniere is a small tight bouquet with a flower and a couple of sprigs. With a little practice, you can make these little arrangements if you’re in a pinch. These days, boutonnieres are made in many not so conventional ways, using anything from fruit to feathers. You can use silk or fresh flowers to create them. Of course, using silk flowers would make a great keepsake.

When purchasing your flowers, your local grocery stores usually have a great selection of bouquets, single flowers, and greenery. My personal favorite is Costco’s floral section, with Trader Joe’s flowers coming in a close second. You can also order smaller roses or flowers at your local grocery store in the floral department. I have found that in spring they have a great selection of smaller flowers already since they make allot of boutonnieres in that time of year.

You should purchase your flowers the day of or the day before you are to use them if they are fresh. When you get home with your bouquet, the first thing you should do is maintain the freshness of the flowers. Flowers that have been out of water for even a short period of time seal on the cut ends, so you must trim them again to open them up and keep them fresh.

This will allow them to be able to absorb water and the flowers will last longer. Trim your stems on an angle one inch from the original end with a sharp knife on a cutting board; submerge the ends in cool water and store in a refrigerator.

Fresh boutonnieres can be made the night before the big day, you just need to keep them refrigerated. Let’s make a boutonniere!

How to Make a Boutonniere


  • Flowers: You will need one small-medium flower or two small flowers for the base, a small filler flower and/or filler greenery, {I used a medium white Rose, 1 small green chrysanthemum, some random leaf filler, and leather leaf filler}
  • Floral tape
  • 22-24 gauge floral wire
  • Wire Cutters and/or Heavy Duty Scissors
  • Optional: 1/4 inch ribbon, Flower Preservative Spray.
boutonniere supplies to make them DIY


The first step is to strengthen real flowers so the buds and stems will not be weak, break off or droop, you need to wire and tape the stems. If you are using silk you can skip this step or you can wire and tape them too. You should do this if the plastic stems are too thick, bulky or not flexible.

Trim roses for boutonniere

Cut your flower stem one inch from the bud.

add wire to bud to make a boutonniere

Take an 8-inch piece of floral wire and stick it straight through the base of the flower.

FOR A SILK FLOWER: To get the wire to go through a plastic stem/based silk flower, heat the wire in the wick of a lit candle, and it will go through the plastic base with ease.

wire stems fresh flowers roses

Fold the wire down and wrap with tape making a faux narrow stem. Stretch your tape as you wrap, this activates the stickiness of the tape for a firm hold around the wire.

TIP: To get the wire to go through a plastic stem/based silk flower, heat the wire in the wick of a lit candle, and it will go through the base with ease.

Strengthen the stems of fresh flowers in an arrangement with wire
how to make a boutonniere for a wedding or prom

Group your filler flower and greenery around the main base flower.

how to wrap a boutonniere, floral tape

If you are using two smaller flowers go ahead and tape them together, this will be your main base. Tape the greenery and filler to the base.

Trim wire ends on boutonniere,

Trim the wrapped wire down to around 2-3 inches to balance the arrangement or you can leave a little length to twirl the ends around for a cute pigtail look.

mens boutonniere, DIY boutonniere

Make sure the ends of the wires are covered with tape or turned under so they will not snag the fabric on the jacket lapel.

To finish with a ribbon, {I used a sticky backed ribbon} fold over the end to cover the end of the wires first and wrap tightly around the end of the base wires up to the top. Twirl wire around a skewer to make a pigtail.

Mist your flowers with water or a flower preservative spray if you like. There are a lot of recipes for flower preservative on the internet. {FYI~ I just used water and everything was fine}. Place the boutonniere in a plastic container and place it in the refrigerator overnight. Be careful not to mist the ribbon it may change the color or ruin the look of the fabric.

For best results and no drooping, pin your boutonniere to the jacket horizontally with a corsage pin, weaving in and out through the fabric. And that’s it! Good luck! I’d love to see your creations!

How to make a boutonniere with ribbon, wedding boutonniere, prom boutonniere

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