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How to Make Tassels and Fringe for Jewelry and Decor

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Over the years I have created many jewelry, home decor and craft posts with items made using tassels or fringe. I am addicted to tassels, I swear. It is just so simple to make tassels and I want them on everything!

These tassel projects have become reader favorites. That is why I decided there needed to be an easier way to access them on my blog and have them all on one page. I have separated each type of tassel and fringe project and listed them below. Follow this link to see all of my Jewelry & Fashion projects.

How to Make Tassels and Fringe for Jewelry and Decor

How to Make Tassels and Fringe for Jewelry and Decor

Let’s start with my favorite thing to do. Making tassels for my jewelry projects. Every year I make myself new sets of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets to wear for the season. Yes! I actually wear my jewelry!

The tassels shown in the projects below are made with embroidery floss, craft rope, fabric, cording, suede leather and some are even store bought on Etsy.

will show you how to make a beaded tassel, capped tassel and a multilayered tassel. If there is something I have that is just too plain, I will usually put a tassel on it! :)

How to make leather tassel, embroidery floss tassels, suede tassel, layered tassel, tassel earrings, fabric tassel, beaded tassel necklace




I love to incorporate fringey looking items into my decor. Yes, I made that word up! My home decor right now is an eclectic modern bohemian style and fringe takes center stage for that particular look. I also love to wear fringe. Those black fringe slide sandals shown below are my latest upcycle. How cute are they?

The materials used in the projects below to make the fringe are yarn, suede leather, burlap, jute twine, craft rope, and a bunch of different types of fabric like canvas, knit and tulle. I even used a knit sweater to make that fringe lamp shade in the pic below.

How to make fringe sandals, fringe wall art, fringe throw pillow, fringe earrings, fringe tapestry, fringe earrings

Fringe Crafts & Home Decor Projects:

I hope you will find some fun projects to do from my vast list of how to make tassels and fringe. I will be adding more posts as I make them. So be sure these lists will continue to grow as my blog grows. Have fun making tassels!

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Make Tassels and Fringe for Jewelry and Decor

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