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24 No Guilt Air Fryer Fish Recipes

Make healthy crispy fish with very little oil! Try one of these 24 no guilt air fryer fish recipes and make delicious meals fast with breading or no breading! For more recipes like these see my Seafood page.

No Guilt Air Fryer Fish Recipes

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For years my husband and I did not add fish to our weekly meal rotation. I think it was because we thought it would too hard to cook or we would somehow mess it up. One day we just jumped in and started experimenting with salmon steaks and now we serve it every week!

We were buying fresh Salmon ( Trader Joes) and either making it fresh or freezing it and thawing it out the night before. With an air fryer you can cook flash frozen fillets (Costco) rubbed with a little oil and they taste just as great as the fresh steak fillets.

When we figured out how to make the frozen salmon taste the same as the fresh fillets we were sold on using an air fryer. They came out just as juicy and tender as the fresh ones, not dried out and bland like some flash frozen can be.

One thing about learning to use an air fryer is it is tough to figure out how make things taste as good as the recipes look or say. That is were this list comes in handy! Check out all of the tips on these recipe posts to make the perfect fish!


Air Fryer Fish Recipes

Cooking fish in an air fryer is a simple and healthy way to prepare a delicious meal. Air fryers use minimal oil while still achieving that golden brown crispiness, making it the perfect tool for preparing fish. Not only is cooking fish in an air fryer healthier than traditional methods, but it also takes less time, making this method of preparation the ideal choice for busy households.

The process starts with seasoning the fish with salt, pepper, garlic powder or any other preferred seasonings. Then lightly coat the outside of the filet with olive oil or your favorite cooking oil before transferring it to the air fryer basket. Set the temperature and cook according to your air fryers instructions until desired crispiness is achieved — typically around 10 minutes or so.

Now on to the recipes!

Salmon Air Fryer Recipes

Salmon is a delicious and healthy dish that can be enjoyed for lunch or dinner. We love it for lunch in salads and served with rice and Brussels sprouts for dinner. Salmon is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are known for their heart health benefits. Because of that, we eat once a week!

Salmon can be cooked in the oven, on the stovetop, or even on the grill. The key to successful salmon cooking is not overcooking it; when done correctly, it should be creamy and have a slight pink hue in the center.

There are countless ways of seasoning or marinating salmon to make it even more flavorful before cooking. We love Trader Joes Soyaki Sauce to marinade the fillets and as a sauce to pour over it when it is plated.

Tilapia Air Fryer Recipes

Tilapia is a light, flaky white fish that is low in fat and calories. It has a mild flavor that makes it ideal for many types of recipes. If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to deep-fried tilapia, an air fryer can help you make delicious dishes with less oil. Here are some tasty ideas for tilapia air fryer recipes.

Other Fish Types Air Fryer Recipe

Have a favorite fish besides Salmon or Tilapia? This section is all about other wild fish varieties that cook up well in an air fryer.

Favorite Fish Air Fryer Recipes

Enjoy your favorite fish recipes like air fryer fish sticks, fish and chips, fish tacos and more with these recipes.

I hope you have found some new favorite air fryer fish recipes to try in this yummy collection! I know I will be adding some of these to my must-try list. Enjoy!

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Guilt-free Air Fryer Fish Recipes

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