DIY Geometric Industrial Wall Jewelry Organizer

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DIY Industrial Jewelry Organizer Rack madeinaday.comI have been whipping up a bunch of new jewelry for the summer and I realized I am running out of solutions for storage for it. To tell you the truth I end up throwing it in a drawer in the kitchen when I take it off. Not good it gets damaged, tangled and will eventually start to tarnish if it’s not real precious metals. So I went on a Pinterest hunt for just the right organizer.  

Well days later after going over a nearly a million posts with ways to organize your jewelry. I found a couple of wall jewelry holders that I fell in love with, see them here and here. So, I decided to marry the two by making them into one fabulous piece of wall art! I say wall art because it could be used as a hand towel rack in a bathroom or possibly a handbag holder in your closet, whatever you could think to do with it. 

Let me tell you I am so in love with this organizer! I can finally see all my jewelry at once, to put together outfits. Adding the floor flanges gives it that hip industrial feel. I painted them gold so they have a bit of glam to them! let me show you how to make one!

DIY Geometric Industrial Wall Jewelry Organizer



The piece of wood I used was a scrap piece I had from another project. You can get pieces of cut wood at your local hardware store. Adjust the size of the wood and add more flanges if you like. 

DIY Geometric Jewelry Holder

Lightly sand all the edges of your board. Using a ruler, measure out your pattern and lightly draw it on the board with a pencil. Place your painters tape for your shapes.

Paint geometric shapes with painters tape

Paint the shapes with acrylic paint.

Geometric Painted Industrial Wall Jewelry Holder

HINT: I painted the stripe where the gold strip is white first so the gold would show up brighter on the wood.

Let the paint dry and remove the tape.  Gently wipe away the pencil marks with a wet rag. 

Spray paint your both of the flanges, galvanized T’s, all four eye hooks (if needed) and all three dowels with the metallic gold paint. Let it dry. 

Cut down the dowels to different sizes with a hacksaw. My dimensions starting from the top are: #1 is 19 1/2inches, #2 is 21 1/2 inches, #3 is 22 inches and #4 is 24 inches. Paint the ends of the dowels gold. 

Add Floor flanges to make an industrial jewelry holder

Place a floor flange in the bottom center of your board and secure with screws. Add the next flange above the bottom one and secure with wood screws. Screw in the nipples to the flanges, then screw on the Galvanized T’s and tighten. Touch up screws with the acrylic copper paint, (it matches the metallic gold spray paint I chose perfectly). 

Make wood wedges to secure jewelry dowels

When I added the larger dowels into the galvanized T’s, the dowels would not fit snug, they would turn and were a bit loose in the T’s. I hammered a small piece of  the small wooden dowel to break it up and then I inserted it into the T’s as a wedge to tighten the dowel’s so they will not turn. Worked perfectly! 

Z-clip Wall hanger

Add your Z-clip picture hanger to the back of the wood. Mount it to the wall, then add the eye hooks and insert the small dowels. Hang your jewelry and that’s it! So cool I love it! I am so pleased with how this project urned out! It looks fabulous in my closet. 

NOTE: I used the Z-clip at the advice of one of the other bloggers. My set holds up to 75lbs. The flanges and  T’s are pretty heavy you need to secure the  Jewelry holder to the wall for the added weight. 

Geometric Industrial Jewelry Holder

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Wall Industrial Jewelry Organizer


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