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16 Bewitching Hocus Pocus Crafts

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Unleash your inner witch or warlock with our Hocus Pocus crafts. Transform your home into a bewitching haven with these easy-to-make projects and fun printables. For more ideas like this see my Halloween page.

16 Bewitching Hocus Pocus Crafts printables

Channel the enchantment of the movie with these Hocus Pocus crafts. Make one of a kind spooky decorations that are both fun and bewitching. Perfect for decorating for Halloween bash or creating a witchy abode.

There are so many ideas to try!

  1. You can create your very own spell book just like Winifred Sanderson’s. It will make a fantastic prop for any Hocus Pocus-themed party or as unique decor for Halloween. See the tutorial below.
  2. Every witch has a bunch of potions to add to their magical creations. Grab the witchy potion bottle labels prints below and add them to a fun collection of bottles to create an eerie ambiance to any shelf or table setting.
  3. Who doesn’t love Binx the cat? Create your own black cat bookmarks using an origami technique. These cuties will make great candy-free treats to give away on Halloween! See my Amazon pic for a cute Binx figurine.
  4. Transform ordinary broomsticks into magical flying machines straight out of Hocus Pocus! Tie assorted ribbons, tulle, then add some faux bugs to create colorful broomsticks that look straight out of Hocus Pocus movie!
  5. Lastly, grab some of the fun free printables for instant witchy vibes you can add to a room!

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Try these and more of Hocus Pocus crafts listed below!


Bewitching Hocus Pocus Crafts

Transform ordinary materials into extraordinary wonders with Hocus Pocus Crafts. Dive into a world of sorcery and imagination within the crafty posts below!

Hocus Pocus Printables

Find the perfect Hocus Pocus printables for your next event! Get bewitching designs and enchanting templates. Download and print now!

Unleash your inner witch this Halloween season by creating these enchanting Hocus Pocus crafts that capture the essence of this beloved movie. Enjoy!

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16 Bewitching Hocus Pocus Crafts Halloween Decor

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