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22 Creative School Lunch Ideas for Kids

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Packing a lunch for your child can be a simple process, but coming up with ideas for what to put in their lunch box can be really hard. Try these creative school lunch ideas that your kids will love. For more recipes like this see my Cook page!

Creative School Lunch Ideas for Kids

As any parent knows, packing a lunch for your child can be a daily challenge. You want to send them off with something nutritious and tasty, but also something that they will actually eat.

When it comes to packing school lunches, getting the kids involved can make the process a lot easier (and more fun). Here are a few ideas to get you started:
1. Set out a few options for each food group and let them choose what they want.
2. Get creative with shapes and colors – cut sandwiches into fun shapes or use cookie cutters on fruits and vegetables.
3. Use bento boxes or divided containers to keep everything organized (and prevent those pesky grapes from rolling around everywhere).
4. Let them help pack their own lunch – this is a great way to get them excited about eating healthy foods.
5. And don’t forget the all-important dessert! A little something sweet will definitely make their day.

School Lunch Ideas for Kids

When it comes to packed lunch ideas for kids, the possibilities are endless. With a little creativity, you can make even the pickiest of eaters happy. Here are some fun and unique ideas to get you started.

Bento Box Lunch Ideas for Kids

A bento box lunch is a healthy and fun way to pack a lunch for kids. They can be easily made the night before and are perfect for on-the-go lunches. Plus, kids will love the variety and creativity that comes with bento box lunches and it is an easy way to sneak in some veggies!

Lunch Box Sushi for Kids

Lunch box sushi (or faux sushi) for kids is a healthy and delicious alternative to the same old PB&J sandwich. Plus it’s easy to make and can be customized to your child’s liking. Check out these fun recipes below.

AMAZON School Lunch Box Favs

Kabob Ideas for Kids

If you’re looking for a new and exciting lunch option, try kabobs! Kabobs or skewer lunches are easy to make and customize, and kids love getting to choose their own toppings. Kabobs make ahead recipes too!

Pizza School Lunch Ideas

Pizza is always a favorite with kids, so why not send them to school with a pizza lunch? Skip the Lunchables and make your own! With a few simple ingredients, you can turn a regular lunch box into a pizza party. These pizza lunch box ideas are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.

Kids Sandwich Ideas

When it comes to packing a lunch for your child, getting them to eat a sandwich doesn’t have to be boring. Here are some fun and easy ideas for kid-friendly sandwiches that will make lunchtime a breeze.

AMAZON School Lunch Ideas for Picky Eaters

More Kid Friendly Lunch Ideas

Lunchtime is a big part of every kid’s day. It’s a time to refuel and recharge for the afternoon ahead. But what do you do when your little one is tired of the same old PB&J? Try one of these kid-friendly lunch ideas to mix things up!

AMAZON Lunch Box Must Have’s

Getting your kids to eat a healthy lunch does not have to be a battle. By getting creative with their food, you can make sure they are getting the nutrients they need to grow while also having fun.

So, the next time you are stuck in a lunch rut, try these school lunch ideas and remember that a little creativity can go a long way. Enjoy!

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Creative Packed School Lunch Ideas for Kids


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