Wood Beaded Hoop Earrings

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Change up those boring hoop earrings by adding beads! These beaded hoop earrings are super simple to make and are the perfect natural look for spring! For more fun jewelry projects see my Fashion + Jewelry page.

How to make Wood Beaded Hoop Earrings

I am on a natural wood kick this season with my jewelry making. The look of natural wood is just so clean, basic and well natural. I think the light color of the wood goes well with summer fashion. It compliments bright colors but looks even better with soft pastels. They are a new staple in this years summer wardrobe.

I was playing around with some of the wood hoops from my last project, Wood Bead Tassel Hoop Necklace. and I came across some small gold hoop earrings I had bought to make tassel hoops with.

That is the idea I had first for this project, but when I added the tassel to the plain hoops they just looked a little boring. Playing around with some beads for color, I then added beads to the hoops!

I slipped some wood beads onto a small hoop, added the mini tassel and created the cutest hoop tassel earring.

But I didn’t stop there. I grabbed the large hoops I wear all the time from my jewelry box and added beads to them too! They came out pretty cool! 

These wood beaded hoop earrings can be made in minutes + drying time. I am little addicted to adding beads to hoops now. Here’s how to make them!

natural beads peach tassel earrings, handmade beaded earrings

Wood Beaded Hoop Earrings


wood beads and gold hoops


NOTE: You can use almost any smooth hoop earrings as long as the hole of the bead is large enough for the bead to fit over it. In this post, I used some I bought as findings from Michaels Crafts Store and some I already had that I bought at Walmart in a set. I provided a link in the supply list for some I found online that look like they will work for this project. 

add beads to gold hoops,

Add beads to hoop. When you get to the end with the earring post add a small 5mm bead (if needed).

Note: If you are able to have the large beads go all the way to the end of the hoop to the post without crowding. (See the brown beaded earrings in the image below). You can skip adding the small bead to the end. The Brown beaded earrings are on the 2.25-inch hoop. 

Push the beads so they are snug on the hoop. Remove the small or last bead. Add E600 adhesive to the end of the hoop (not the post) and place the end bead back on the hoop. Let the adhesive dry overnight for the best hold.

Small Tassel:

Unwrap the embroidery floss and cut in half.

embroidery thread on cardboard

Wrap one half of the embroidery floss around a 4.75 inch piece of cardboard. Slide the embroidery floss loop off of the cardboard.

folded embroidery floss

Tie a small piece of floss in a knot on one end of the loop of floss.

tie embroidery floss to make a tassel

Fold the floss together and tie another piece of floss in a knot around the top of the floss. Add a dot of hot glue to secure the knots if needed.

DIY tassel for hoop earrings

Add a jump ring to the top of the tassel and trim the bottom of the tassel. Add the tassel to the bottom of the beaded earring with jewelry pliers and that’s it!

DIY Brown Wood Hoop Earrings, Beaded Hoops

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  1. Loving your wooden bead jewelry ideas. This really is super simple and cute too.

  2. This is such a genius idea! I love how you constantly come up with genius, simple ideas. The tassel is probably my favorite! I might make the tassels REALLY long for a super dramatic look.

    1. Thanks so much Lisa! The tassle ones are my favorites. You have some pretty awesome projects too! Thanks for reading!

  3. Love these and all the natural wood jewelry your making this summer. Thanks for sharing.

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