Elegant Black Widow Halloween Costume Review

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Looking for a great victorian spooky costume? This Ghost Town Black Widow Halloween Costume Review may make you want to dress super spooky this year. For more creepy ideas see my Halloween page.  

Smitty's Ghost Town Black Widow Halloween Costume

I am so excited to share my costume for this years Halloween Party! I was thrilled when BuyCostumes.com asked me to review one of their fabulous Costumes along with a creepy Halloween home decoration. How exciting, you know this Queen of Halloween just couldn’t say no to that!

Ghost Town Black Widow Halloween Costume Review

I chose the Smiffy’s Ghost Town Black Widow Costume and am I glad I did! I am always afraid to order costumes online. I usually scan the internet for reviews to get hints on whether or not it will really fit with certain body shapes or even worth the price it is going for.

Well, this costume is awesome, very well made and thankfully true to size. Best of all I didn’t even have to leave BuyCostumes to find a review, they were already there!

Victorian Ghost Town Halloween Costume

I love the Spooky Gothic Victorian look this costume has and the bustle on the back adds to the charm of this amazing Halloween costume. Included was a dainty little top hat, that I think I may wear every day until the big day!

Victorian Lady Halloween Costume

When I buy a Halloween costume, the DIY’er in me always wants to add more to it, including some accessories, so it has that made from home feel. That way if someone else had the same costume idea, you will stand apart from the fellow poser.

So use the store-bought costume as a canvas for the bigger picture! I bought some long black gloves, creepy tights  (or these even crazier tights) and added some witchy shoes! {By the way that’s my cute daughter in the photos, I had a tough time taking pics of my self, lol!}

Victorian Halloween Costume Review

Tips for what to do after purchasing your Halloween Costume:

  • When you first receive your costume in the mail, take it out of the package and shake it out. Next and this is huge~ TRY IT ON!! Do not wait until an hour before your party!! I have seen so many people do this and regret that their costume does not fit and it is too late to return it. Then they find themselves frantically running around the house trying to throw together another costume. It really puts a damper on the evening when you do not like what you are wearing. That’s no fun!
  • Hang your costume up, do not leave it in the package. This will help relax some of the wrinkles on the fabric from the packaging. If your costume is excessively wrinkled, you may need to use a warm iron to press them out.
  • Be sure to follow the directions on the label when using an iron. Some fabrics will melt or burn on contact. So to be safe follow the directions on the garment and again use a warm iron. Turning the garment inside out while ironing also helps to protect certain fabrics from being damaged.

The same ideas above go for a costume wig. When you get a new costume wig, Immediately take it out of the package, shake it out and sit it on a styrofoam head form. Do not wait until the day of the party or it will be wonky.

TIP: If you do not have a Styrofoam head form try placing the wig over a couple of rolls of toilet paper stacked on top of each other. After a few days, the fiber will relax and become the shape it was meant to be.


BuyCostumes also sent me this cute Animated Flying Witch. She is sound activated, her eyes light up with a loud witchy cackle and her feet kick to fly her broom. I put her on my front door wreath to greet my trick or treaters this year! She is pretty startling, you do not expect the feet to move!

Animated Flying Witch madeinaday.com

 xwwLYBfC_400x400Check out BuyCostumes.com for all your Costume and Halloween Party needs.

They have a great How-to Video section for Halloween Parties including Party Decorating and Easy Treats, Wig & Mask wear and care to how to correctly set up an inflatable. They even have videos on the best way to measure for the correct Costume size.

Let them help you throw the most amazing party this year!

Black Widow Victorian Ladies Costume

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Black Widow Costume


Happy Halloween!

This post is sponsored by BuyCostumes, I received additional compensation, all opinions are my own.


Spooky Silhouette Halloween Costume

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  1. Your photos look like there from another time! Great costume:)

  2. This totally my favourite Halloween post this year! Love the costume (especially the hat!)

  3. Jessica Aycock, CHC says:

    that costume is AWESOME!!!

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