DIY Wood & Stone Bead Bracelets

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I have been wanting to make some bracelets to wear that compliment my super popular Tassel Necklaces I made last year. I found some beautiful ones on the Anthropologie site and decided they were easy enough to recreate for myself.

They are not exactly like the Anthro version, but they are pretty darn close. I love how the pretty glass sparkles and the sheer color of the stone beads compliment the wood. Recently I bought a new watch with a tan strap and they look perfect stacked with it! I plan on wearing them everywhere.

These are stretchy elastic bracelets and are really simple to make. Let’s go make some!

Wood Stone Sparkle Beaded Bracelets



Making Stretchy bracelets can be tricky at first. Once you get the hang of this it will be super easy. I had a hard time at first, hanging onto the beads while trying to tie the cord.

I found it easier to start adding beads with one end of the cord still attached to the spool, plus it saves cord so you can make more bracelets.

Plan your sequence of beads. Add the beads to the cording. Measure the beads on the cording around your wrist. You do not want them too loose or too big. My bracelets ended up being 21 beads and around 6 to 6.5 inches long. Yours could be different depending on the size of your wrist and how snug or loose you want the bracelet.

Once you get the beads and size set on the cord. Cut the cord off the spool leaving at least 3-4 inches on either side to tie the knot.

make a bead bracelet

Tying the knot is really easy. Just pull the beads tight so they are snug together on the cord.

make a bead bracelet

 Wrap one end of the cording over the other and pull tight.

Tie a knot in stretchy cording

Repeat 4 more times.

How to tie a stretch bracelet

Loop both ends together over one of your fingers. Tie them into a knot and pull it down close to the other knot so they seem like one big knot.

Knot an elastic cord

Trim the ends off, leaving 1/8 of an inch of cording. You can add a dot of jewelry glue to the knot for extra strength. I just pulled the knot inside a bead and it was very snug and tight.

Wood Stone Gold Glass Bead Bracelet

It may take you a few tries to get the size, fit and beads to lay right at first. Once you get used to it you can make these beauties lightning fast! Wear them stacked together and that’s it! You will have super cute and trendy bracelets that didn’t cost a fortune but look like they did!

Wood White Bone Beaded Bracelet Tutorial

I also made some with White Bone Beads and crystal spacers.


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