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14 Best Cured Ham Roast Recipes for any Holiday

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14 recipes that will make your holiday ham unforgettable! From glazed to smoked, these delicious cured ham roast recipes are perfect for this holiday season! For more dinner ideas see the Main Dish page.

14 Best Cured Ham Roast Recipes for any Holiday

The holiday season is a time for family, friends, and of course – food. And what’s more festive than a delicious ham? This year, try something new with your ham. Here are 10 recipes that will make your holiday meal one to remember.

14 Best Cured Ham Roast Recipes for any Holiday

We love to eat ham mainly for Easter and sometimes for the Christmas holiday. I have gathered up some of the best ways to dress up that store-bought spiral sliced ham.

The hams you buy that are already cooked are mostly the cured versions.

What is the Difference between Cured and Uncured Ham?

Cured meats use a variety of chemicals and additives to enhance their flavor while uncooked, natural meats rely on simple salt-like additives for enhancement.

Cured meats usually have sodium nitrate and salt to preserve them. That means they will last longer than uncured meats. The sodium nitrate is usually low around 1%, so it is not terribly high.

Uncured meats use celery powder, juice, or other brines to preserve meat. The celery powder eventually turns to nitrates when it’s processed so it is essentially similar to cured meat. Uncured meats tend to have more sodium and don’t have a more bland flavor.

Either way, you are basically getting the same thing the cured meat just has more flavor and tastes like traditional ham or bacon. The uncured meat has is processed similarly and more sodium. For the exact way the meat you buy is processed, see the packaging or ask your local butcher.

For us, we like the cured version for a tastier ham. Now onto the recipes!

Ham Roast Side Dish Recipes

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All of the recipes featured in this roundup are perfect for any holiday gathering – from Easter to Christmas, there is sure to be a recipe that will fit your needs. So what are you waiting for? Start browsing through these amazing cured ham roast recipes and choose the best one for your taste.

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