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3 DIY Champagne Glitter Christmas Trees

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Champagne Glitter Christmas Trees. Grab some glue and start dusting with rose gold glitter + my trick for adding more, spark to my DIY Glitter Christmas trees. For more simple holiday ideas see my Christmas page.

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Christmas is almost here and I want to share one more craft before I take a holiday break! You might remember back in November when I showed you all the beginnings of my Scandinavian style holiday decor.

I made some fun Nordic reindeer and if you look closely, surrounding them was a gorgeous set of wood Christmas trees covered in champagne glitter.

Light beige champagne colors are super popular for the holidays this season. Decorated my home and Christmas tree with pink, gold and beige tones.

I knew I wanted some decor to match the tree ornament colors. So I found these fun wooden cutout trees and covered them with a few coats of glitter. 

This is literally the easiest project to make on my blog. Here are my tips on how to get the sparkliest DIY glitter Christmas trees.

How to Make Glitter Christmas Trees


Wood Cut Out Trees


how to add glitter to wood cut outs

The OT Wood Cut out Trees are what was used to make these trees. They are out of stock so I added two more alternative trees to try to my supply list. 

Pour glitter into a bowl. Paint the trees with peach acrylic paint.

champagne glitter on wood cut out trees

While the paint is still wet, spoon glitter over trees. Let them dry completely.

THE TRICK TO ADD A POP OF SPARKLE: Paint over the first layer of glitter with clear Elmer’s Glue and spoon a second coat of glitter over trees. Let them dry overnight. Super easy and so stunningly beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful holiday this year! 

Merry Christmas! 

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DIY Shimmering Champagne Glitter Christmas Trees, how to apply glitter,
xoxo Kim

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