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Sponsored Post Disclosure Square Wreath & Ornamator Bow Tutorial

I’m so excited today to share this incredibly brilliant idea to make your holiday decorating easier!!! I am talking about the Ornamator!! Kim from the Ornamator asked me if I would try out her unique invention and from the first moment I opened the package I was hooked, literally!!

This is such a great idea I just had to share with you what this amazing hook can do! So sit back and let me show you a few of the many ways it will make your Holiday decorating stress free!!!




Do you have trouble making bows? Well this tool will make it easy for you! Her bows look just like the large expensive ones found in the department stores, florists and magazines. The best part is you don’t use glue or wire!!

You can make a simple to a large layered bow by just wrapping the ribbon around the Ornamator hook. You can also make those beautiful ribbon wreaths you see all over the internet, cluster ornaments for your trees and it is an anchor for those heavy to fragile heirloom ornaments you don’t want to break.

Kim came up with this idea because she wanted her tree to be magazine quality and she’s achieved this and more with this clever invention. I think this is a huge hit, especially in the floral industry. So here’s how it works!

I made this super easy square wreath using a single wire inexpensive wreath. Just turn it over bend and shape it into a square. Fluff the greenery, shape into a square by bending and squeezing the branches.

Square Wreath TutorialTo make the bow, the one on my Square Wreath is a Double Classic Bow. The tutorial below is a Single Classic Bow. I am going to walk you through how I made it but if it is tough for you to understand then watch Kim’s great video collection on her Ornamtor site.

Ornamator Bow Steps 1 & 2I used 2 1/2 inch wide ribbon and a small hook from the The Ornamator 20 Pack. Cut a 5 ft long strip of ribbon and fold in half.

Ornamator Bow Steps 3 & 4Take the Ornamator, open hook end side facing you, and push the ribbon into the center U shape area, leaving a loop on the top. Flatten the loop across the top of the Ornamator.

Ornamator Bow Steps 5 & 6Wrap one of the long strips over the top of the loop and hold tightly. Fold one side of your loop over the other and pull the other strip over and into the same hook area as the first.

Ornamator Steps 7, 8 & 9

Fold the other loop over on the other side of your ribbon, and pull your other strip over and into the same hook area as the first.

DSC02881Fluff your bow and hook it to your project!

Ornamator for Cluster OrnamentsTo make cluster ornaments, just add the ornaments to the Ornamator through the top loops where your hooks would go. Secure them to your tree branches by anchoring them across from one side of the branch to the other.

Ornamator for Heavy DecorYou can use large heavy items like this lantern, on your tree by placing them on the Ornamator hook and securing from one side of the branch to the other, the same way as above.


I love these hooks! I plan on redoing all my bows and using amazing hook for my Holiday Decor! So stay tuned, I just may be talking about them again.


To buy the Ornamator and to see it’s many other uses for your decor projects check out Kim’s website.


 And, if you would like to buy some of Kim’s Wreath Creations check out her Esty Store too!



  1. Gorgeous wreath. I never thought of just bending the frame, so I love that tip! I definitely need an Ornamator – my bows are so sad;)

  2. What a fun idea to make the wreath square! I love it!

  3. thank you so much for reviewing my invention :) you did such an amazing job and I am so happy you enjoyed them I can’t wait to see what you do next… much love and thanks

  4. Wow! that is really cool! I would love it if you would share it on our All Things Christmas Link party going on now! Think of all the frustration you will save all the people who see it! Love it!! Happy Thanksgiving! Trisha

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